Spring time is just beginning, the days are longer, things are starting to bloom, and the perfect warm temperatures with a slight breeze has us pulling out our dresses and skirts from the back of the closet where they have been tucked away all winter. Nothing makes us feel more beautiful or feminine than the perfect skirt. There are so many fun styles, colors, and patterns to choose from creating the perfect springtime outfit. Here are a few of the most popular ways to style a midi skirt for Spring. 

What Is A Midi Skirt

If you are not familiar with what a midi skirt even is then this is a good place to start. A midi skirt is a skirt that hits just below the knee at the thickest part of the calf. It is arguably the most flattering style of skirt as it elongates the legs and draws the eye to the thinnest part of the leg just above the ankle. It is the perfect length for everyday wear or for a more dressed up look. With it ending at the calf, now is a great time to pull out your favorite heels and wedges for the perfect spring look. 

Pick A Style

When it comes to picking out a skirt there are several different styles to choose from that reflect your individual style and personality. You can find the perfect skirt to fit your preferences and your occasion. Here are some of your options: 

Fun Slits

Slits are always a fun addition to any skirt, but especially a longer skirt. It breaks up the straight edge and adds dimension. If you love showing off a little leg for a sexy, fun look then the slit could be for you. It could be a small slit or a slit that goes up the leg for a sexier look. 


If patterns are your thing, there are plenty to choose from. Spring time may have you searching for a dainty ditsy floral print, a bold animal print, or a tropical print. Polka dots have always been in style and a super cute pattern to work with as well. There is no wrong answer here and all can be a fun addition to your springtime wardrobe. 


The type or fabric used for your skirt will also give it a different look. You could choose from denim, satin, velvet, cotton, linen, and rayon. Every option provides a different gorgeous look for any occasion. 


A pleated skirt may make you think of a uniform style skirt, but pleats are a great way to add character and depth to your look. They are very flattering and will give you a nicer, dressier look. 

Outfit Pairings

Once you pick out your favorite style or maybe several you will be ready to find a shirt. Depending on the occasion and whether you are dressing up or down will determine which route to take. 


The more casual options would be a cute cropped top, a graphic or plain t-shirt tucked in or tied in a knot, or an oversized sweater for a cooler day. You could add a cute handbag, a jean jacket, and then a flat sandal or cute sneaker for a finished look. 

All Dressed Up

For a dressed up look for work or a night on the town, tuck in a button down, a thin sweater, or a nicer shirt. You could throw on a blazer or a leather jacket if it will be cooler out. A clutch or a nice leather handbag would be the perfect addition as well as a gorgeous pair of heels or sleek boots. 

Matching Sets

Matching sets are very popular right now and create a fun, put together outfit you will feel your best in. Whether it’s a matching silk set for a dressed up look or a linen set for more casual wear, you will look put together and stylish without too much thought.

The Perfect Midi Skirt

Now that you know what a midi skirt is and how to style it, you can start shopping and digging through your closet  for the perfect outfit for Spring. Whether you are off to brunch, a picnic, or a night out you will have the perfect outfit.  Be sure to shop with a company that is sustainable and makes products that are designed to last. Spending a little more on quality items is great for the planet and will give you timeless pieces that will not give out on you. Shop today for quality, durability, comfort, and for pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident.