With the rise of everything going digital, from our news content to the way we handle money, it is no surprise that it has grown a new type of Celebrity, specifically in the social media sphere. Steph Claire Smith, the beautiful blonde who is also signed with Chadwick Model Management, is the first of a new generation- The Insta Famous Model.

How have you handled being an increasingly more public figure?

It’s awesome haha. I’ve never wanted to be famous or world known to the point where I have paparazzi and stuff, but having young girls come up to me expressing to me how much of an inspiration I am and asking for a photo seriously makes my day.steph claire smith

How do you handle negative comments that appear on your Instagram?

Mostly I just ignore them. If they’re really bad I block the person and delete the comment. I try not to take anything personally. Most of the comments I know that these people could never say these words to me in person so they’re just doing it because they feel safe behind their keyboards. Luckily I’m pretty thick skinned so I don’t let them get to me. In the end it’s strangers who are saying the negative things so I just remind myself that they don’t actually know me. Plus you can’t please everybody, I don’t only get negative comments on physical appearance but I get it on other things like eating meat or sharing my opinion. It’s silly.

Was there a specific moment that you noticed your profile taking off?

I remember following girls who had 10,000 followers and thinking, ‘oh my gosh who is this person!? They’re so beautiful, wow they have so many followers.’ – then fitness inspiration pages started reposting my photos, and it kind of just snowballed from there. It just grew and grew and grew and still doesn’t stop haha. I think the big moment for me was about 2 years ago when Lara bingle commented on one of my photos … That’s when it hit me that this could really do things for me, that big companies and potential clients could be watching.

How much thought goes into each post?

Not much at all. I don’t really have a pattern of what I post. I post photos of josh and I, selfies, photos of food, work photos… I think the only thought process is to put a nice filter on it haha.

What does your boyfriend Josh think of your Instagram fame?

He’s amazed by it, and is always advising me to make the most of it and use it to help me in my career. He is usually the one to tell me ‘babe I think it’s about time you posted another bikini shot’ hahah. He’s super supportive which is amazing.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a young model working toward building their social media profile?

Don’t just promote and post for anybody and everybody, only promote things you genuinely love and agree with. For example I’m against all the skinny teas that are out there, and would never post about them no matter how much I was offered to be paid. I think the important thing is to be yourself, people respond best to others when they can see you’re being genuine.

steph claire smith

steph claire smith
Do you feel social media has helped your career?

I do definitely. But I don’t believe it defines me or my career. I was lucky enough to have great regular clients and a few campaigns in the year before my Instagram blew up, so I don’t blame my career on my Instagram, I was a working model before it, it has just helped to get my name out there internationally.

Has your increased fame changed the way you think about how society treats Models/Celebrities?

Yeah I do. I still don’t consider myself famous, but I can even see the bullshit that comes with fame already. Like I said before, I’d hate to not be able to go and grab some popcorn from the cinema without paparazzi taking a snap and slamming me for being ‘unhealthy’ and a ‘bad role model’ or anything lol.

Have you ever made a post that you regretted, which caused a backlash?

No not really. There’s posts that I’ve deleted but that’s only because a lot of politics have come into it and I just don’t like debates between people on my photos. Or I just get bored of the photo and get rid of it haha.

If so, has it changed the way you express yourself on Instagram

I’ve never changed the way I am on Instagram, and never will. I have learnt that you have to be careful with what you put out there, but in the end I’m a pretty big believer in the fact that if people don’t like what I’m posting, don’t follow me, or block me… No need to comment negative things on my photo.

Photographer: Ren Pidgeon
Models: @stephclairesmith, @jakesofo
Stylist: Daniel Paciocco
Hair: Tas Tsipouras
Make Up: Wanda Waller

Steph claire smith
steph claire smith

steph claire smith