The season of love and romance is here, and you want to take a glimpse of the adorable snowfall outside in your best dress. At the same time, the easterly wind can catch you cold if you are not wearing proper clothing. It is the best time to visit a reputed fashion retailer and buy clothes and accessories that comfort you. Here are some constructive suggestions and ideas to create three outfits for different occasions throughout the season.

Wool garment

You may or may not put on a shirt with sleeves, but a cashmere sweater is a must-have item for the winter. Cotton clothes are comfortable and easy to carry when doing your routine chores. However, such attire won’t provide enough warmth for your body when staying away from a fireplace or heater. It would be commendable to look for a boutique store that sells sweaters and outerwear online. You can wear any lower and undershirt with a crocheted or knitted garment.

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Trench coat

One of the most accomplished clothes you can mix and match with other dresses is the trench coat. You can wear various types of clothes with this classic layering. It can get along with formal attire for official works, casual events with friends, and your party dress. The fleece long line coat will cover up your knees while showing the laces of your flare dress. It is much better when you wear a pair of denim blues or formal trousers.

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You can put a zip-up hoodie over any shirt, just like the way you wear a jacket or fur coat. Some people think this sweatshirt is suitable only for street style, but the shirt can fit formal dress. Wear a thin hoodie and tuck it under the jacket. Let the hood spread on the shoulder to create a contrasting view against the coat. Beneath the hoodie, display your favorite shirt, with or without sleeves.

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Tall boots

Tall boots are another thing that will alter your appearance. In the winter, well-fitted tall boots can help you maintain your form. Search for boots that fall just below the thighs and fit snugly from around calves. It will make you appear slimmer.


Scarves are, in our opinion, the essential accessory for remaining warm and stylish in the winter. It brightens up any drab winter ensemble with its bright colors, designs, and materials.

A nice jacket

It’s best if it’s made of wool or animal print and has lining for added warmth. It fits you wonderfully, especially around the arms, so you don’t seem boxy or oversized. It’s longer and falls anywhere between half and slightly below the knee, or it may go all the way to your legs if you want to go large.

It’s all about layering in this case – for optimum effect, the layer beneath, over, or both. Next season, you’ll look so stylish without sacrificing warmth. Instead of wearing one-piece suits, choosing combo outfits has become a trend among fashionistas. Find layer clothes that will make you look warm and elegant under the cold sky.