Understand Everything About Cryotherapy

In the last decade, people have started using the term cryotherapy to refer to exposing the body to extreme cold for brief periods to improve health and performance. Cryotherapy is a way to cool down your body quickly to get it out of the damaging effects of inflammation. It’s not a cure-all for any health condition, but for some people, it may provide relief from chronic pain, fatigue, and injuries, as well as elevate mood and improve sleep.


What Is It, and How Does It Work?

Cryotherapy, also known as ice therapy, is a treatment that exposes a person’s body to freezing temperatures for a short period. Put simply, the cold causes the body to react by constricting blood vessels in a specific part of your body which is thought to reduce inflammation and end muscle soreness.

The Cryotherapy chamber is a small chamber that exposes the body to temperatures as low as minus 148 degrees Fahrenheit for several minutes. There are a couple of different theories as to why it works. Still, it is believed that the body reacts to cryotherapy by releasing endorphins and increasing blood flow to the muscles, which has a positive effect on muscle recovery. While a single session can be enough for minor fixes, Cryotherapy practitioners at LIVKRAFT recommend getting monthly treatments to get the most from it.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

There are numerous proven benefits to this therapy system that reaches beyond physical repair and help with mental issues.

Reduce The Symptoms Of Migraine

Many people with migraine headaches swear by the results of trying cryotherapy. They say the extreme cold stops their migraine attacks in their tracks. Studies have shown that the pain is reduced significantly by cooling down the blood that flows into the brain in some people. The best results came from localized treatment around the neck and head area.

Decrease Inflammation

When you suffer from localized or full-body inflammation, such as arthritis or exercise-induced inflammation, cryotherapy may be of help. It is widely accepted that placing ice on the area of inflammation will decrease the effects, and the same is true for cryotherapy. By supper cooling the body, will reduce blood flow, in turn relieving any swelling in your body.

Boost Sports Performance

This performance boost comes in two ways. The first is that it helps your body recover from the rigors of strenuous exercise, and the second is the knock-on effect of this that you can get back into training far quicker. Some leading athletes engage in this treatment in order to get back to training as quickly as possible.

Intense exercise can cause all kinds of effects on the body, and while the benefits are apparent, the downsides can sometimes be severe. If you exercise heavily and ignore what your body is trying to say, you could find that your performance decreases over time. Cryotherapy is a fantastic way to help your body recover from the rigors of exercise and enable you to work out harder and for longer. Several sessions are advised for the full effects.

The use of cryotherapy is becoming more common for those who have not been able to resolve various health issues plaguing them for a long time. The emergence of affordable sessions and increased research has meant that more and more people can benefit.