Today, there is a global obesity crisis in the developed world. Though there are several mechanisms that cause almost 2 billion people to be overweight, the bottom line is that most people simply eat too much.

With obesity tripling since 1975, the World Health Organization rates that more people in the world live in countries where being overweight (including obese) will kill more people than being underweight. This condition, and the dire health-related consequences for millions around the world, is both shocking and saddening.

If you are a person who doesn’t seem to be able to shed the pounds, no matter how hard you seem to try and diet – or try alternative methods of weight loss – we hope this article can help you. We will be looking at some of the top tips for reaching a healthy weight, and staying there! 

If you are experiencing unhappiness with your weight and you feel you would benefit from losing some excess pounds, then it is time now to decide how much you are willing to do to keep this weight off. The most important thing is that you are aware of your weight problems, and are prepared to tackle them head-on. Only by being brutally honest with your unhappiness at being overweight can you take full responsibility for changing your habits. You need to be accountable to yourself and remember that this journey will require commitment by you, and likely those with whom you surround yourself.

Habits are difficult to break, and it makes it much more challenging that most bodies are physically reliant on the sugar, oil, and fats that we consume. To start changing your habits, it’s crucial that you unpack all the excuses you use for not losing weight, as well as the barriers which are working against you on your journey. Here are some key tips that you can instill in your life, starting today, to help you lose and keep the weight off! 

Keep a food diary

This may seem tedious, but it can help to start keeping track of every food and drink – ingredient and amount – that you put into your body. This can help with self-awareness, forcing you to be responsible for the decision to consume each item. You can always start becoming more conscious of when you overindulge, so start thinking about what is happening during this period, to prepare you for the next step.

Stock up on the good stuff!

You want to put items in your pantry, freezer, and fridge that are healthy, satiating, and that you enjoy. For fresher fruits and vegetables, look at which whole foods you can incorporate into your meal plan and try to fill yourself up with these healthy, nutritious foods first. If you are very busy and tend to eat badly during a rushed lunch break, consider making a smoothie to drink on the go. And if you click here you can find out more about bulking your smoothies with superfoods and making a health bomb for yourself. Not only will these ingredients keep you fuller for longer, but you can also easily increase your nutrient intake for the day! 

Start replacing your bad choices

You definitely do not need to starve yourself to lose weight, and restricting yourself isn’t a fun way to live either. We want to look for balance! If these are some ingredients in your daily food journal that you could do without, then you can simply cut these out for now. If the item isn’t too bad for you, but it’s not a healthy option, you should consider limiting how regularly you consume this food or drink. Eat more of the good foods and less of the unhealthy. 

Set yourself up in the kitchen

If you are not experienced in the kitchen, you will need to start spending a lot more time here. Invest in a good quality blender, for instance the Cleanblend Blender Classic and some other kitchen equipment to help you prepare some delicious, healthy meals. You can consider a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, and even an air fryer. Set your kitchen up so that you enjoy learning about nutrition and cooking, plus you’ll also have no excuse not to cook your perfect healthy meals. You can even host dinner parties to motivate yourself to spend more time learning about cooking and food.

Losing weight is not easy, especially if you have been struggling with being overweight for most of your life – or even some years. But, the more ammunition you can build to support your decision to lose and maintain this lower weight, the better. It will take time, so stay consistent, committed to your wellbeing, motivated by better health and appearance overall, and keep going. Get your friends and family on board and keep on exploring, researching, and learning – and well done!