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Silvana Lovin Philippoussis certainly had a soaring rocket ship of a year in 2014. With a role on the FX series “Wilfred”, fashion campaigns calling for her left and right, being a new mom, and being married to tennis star Mark Philippoussis she certainly isn’t spending anytime being bored.

While being a mom and being in the public eye can be a challenge, Philippousis has certainly seemed to do it all while still maintaining an absolutely fabulous career. It sure isn’t easy, but nothing easy is ever worth it. Of course the public is dying to know how the actress, model, and mother manages to wear so many hats.


Silvana Lovin Philippoussis

2014 seemed to be a very big year for you. What were some of your personal favourite career highlights of the year?

2014 was my biggest year to date. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Nicholas. He’s my greatest achievement by far! J My favourite career highlight of 2014 was being the face of Stonnington’s Spring Fashion Runway event back home in Melbourne.

How have you managed to handle motherhood on top of an increasingly stellar career?

Motherhood is a full time job on its own but, I think it’s all about finding a balance that works for you. These days I’m definitely more selective with the jobs I do as the time I take away from Nicholas and my husband is very precious.

I am also lucky as Mark is very supportive of my dreams.

What’s it like being married to one of Australia’s biggest tennis stars?

Mark is amazing. He has the biggest heart and inspires me in every way. There are no words to describe the love I have for him…

What was it like working on the latest Muppets movie? Has your son motivated you to do more projects geared towards young kids?

Working on the “Muppets Most Wanted” movie was so much fun. I’ve always loved children’s movies but more so these days as I get to be a BIG kid and watch them with Nicholas. He’s definitely motivated me to want to do more projects geared for kids.Silvana Lovin Philippoussis

How is it jumping towards acting in young content for kids, then going to a more adult geared series like Wilfred?

That’s the beautiful thing about acting. One day you’re playing in a funny, light hearted kid’s movie and the next you’re playing in a more adult geared series like Wilfred. I love that I’m able to explore different kinds of characters all the time.

So rumour has it a lot of fashion campaigns are after you. Can you tell us who you are considering working with?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to disclose much as all potential work is still in the pipeline…but needless to say, I’m sure 2015 will be full of wonderful and exciting new adventures.

However, I am thrilled to be able to announce that hubby will be launching the women’s PHLIP collection this year with me as the face of the line.

What is one of your dream jobs, acting or modelling wise?

I think the epitome of every actress/model is to be a Bond Girl or Victoria’s Secret Model. My ultimate dream job would involve shooting a campaign with both Mark and Nicholas. Now that would be amazing!

You are set to be presenting your first art exhibition. What was your inspiration for the exhibition?

I’m so excited to be presenting my first solo art exhibition back in my hometown of Melbourne this year. My inspiration for the collection was based on LOVE. “Love. Family. Unity.” Love is at the core of everything I do so it was only natural I’d base my first collection around it.

What’s the biggest challenge between leading two different lives hovering between living in Australia and the U.S.?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced living between Australia and the U.S. has been settling Nicholas into a normal routine. We actually travel quite a bit as a family throughout the year so getting bub into a routine is tricky.

What’s been one of your favourite fashion campaigns to work on so far?

A few of my favourite fashion campaigns include: J’Aton, Crown Towers, Wrangler, Wella International and Oscar de la Renta in the U.S.

Who have been some of your favourite people to work with?

This is a tricky one as I’ve worked with some amazing and talented people throughout my career. I wouldn’t know where to begin…J

What’s your number one career goal for 2015?

My number one career goal for 2015 is to successfully exhibit my art collection in Australia and collaborate with more artists across the board of photography, fashion, film, interior and textile design…

Who are some of your favourite designers?

Some of my favourite designers include: Manning Cartell, J’Aton, Banana Blue, Balmain and PHLIP APPAREL of course!


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Silvana Lovin Philippoussis