Modeling is a glamorous profession, but things are not as alluring as you imagine. In fact, you may see a different world by scratching the surface or diving in. Fashion models live on the edge, struggling with the constant need to look good, managing tight schedules, and keeping pace with local assignments and overseas schedules. The newbies in the industry fight to prove themselves, while established ones struggle to sustain themselves. Either way, you cannot survive without taking care of your physical and emotional wellness. Here are some proven self-care recommendations that fashion models can rely on.

Maintain weight the healthy way

Weight management is a crucial concern for fashion models as they must always be at their fittest best. Even a few extra pounds or inches can ruin your career. However, steer clear of fad diets and extreme workouts because they do more harm than good. You may even end up with severe health issues by starving your body or pushing yourself too hard. Work with a qualified dietician and fitness trainer to help you stay fit the healthy way.

Avoid comparisons

The industry is challenging to survive in because the competition is daunting. Whether you are a beginner or an established name, you must work hard to create a space for yourself and retain it over the years. But comparing yourself to others can stress you out, even more, when you have been around for some time. Unhealthy competition causes negative feelings and can even lead to depression. Focus on getting better instead of comparing yourself with others.

Pause and relax

Fashion models are always on the go, leaving little time for self-care. But you can embrace an evening routine that lets you go into the pause-and-relax mode. Turn off your phone and spend time pampering yourself. Soak in a hot bath, enjoy your favorite music, and get a massage from your partner. You can try cannabis to experience deep relaxation and get restful sleep. The good thing is that cannabis is legal in Canada. You can buy edibles online canada in a few clicks to integrate them into your self-care sessions. Edibles are discreet, and you can carry them to your shows and assignments. But remember to follow the rules while traveling with cannabis. 

Ace work-life balance

Work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges for fashion models because the industry has insanely long hours. You may also have to travel a lot, leaving little time for yourself and your loved ones. But doing your bit to create a healthy work-life balance can keep you sane and healthy. Learning to say no is the best place to start because stretching yourself too much to fulfill commitments hurts your well-being. Take breaks to spend time alone and with your family. Plan an annual solo trip to relax and recharge.

Life is not easy for fashion models, no matter how glamorous it appears from the outside. But self-care can be a savior they need to survive and stay sane. You can follow these tips to be the best version of yourself.