As the year-end approaches, people begin to make their vacation plans. After all, what’s a better way to start the new year than to kick back and unwind at a new destination? 

It allows you to meet new people, try different cuisines and try things that you have never done, such as having a fling. Surprisingly, having a casual or no-strings-attached date with strangers is pretty popular among expats and travelers. So, why don’t you give this idea a try this year? 

But before you go out and approach a person you find attractive, there are a few things that you must know about vacation flings. 

Do Your Research 

Dating scenarios are quite different at different destinations. While hookup culture is quite common in some places, it might be taboo in others. So, you must research your destination. If the idea is feasible, learn about the popular spots or venues. 

Create a checklist of places where expats often visit for casual dating. It’ll come in handy when you visit the destination. However, don’t forget to do a security check, as you don’t want to get into any legal trouble while on vacation. 

Put Yourself Out

To find a fling, you have to be open to meeting new people. It means going to clubs and restaurants or swiping at sexsdate sites and apps. Chat with them to break the ice and find something in common. 

You can even make your date hunt fun by hiding your real name and other personal information. It will generate curiosity while providing you the freedom to be whoever you want. 

Be Clear About Your Intentions

Understand that even at the popular fling places, not everyone will have the same expectation as you. So, if you connect with someone, be upfront about your intentions. Are you looking for a one-time fling, or would you like to stay together till your vacation ends? 

Being clear and honest about your desires will make your experience better. In fact, there’s also a possibility that the person introduces you to someone with the same intentions. 

Have An Exit Plan

Some dating rules also apply to vacation flings, especially the ones associated with safety. As you are in an unfamiliar place, between unknown people, it’s vital to have an exit plan in case things turn south. 

Obviously, you are on vacation to have fun and relax, but you must have wits about you. An easy way to do so is to keep at least one person informed about your activities- your family members or friends.

Live In The Moment

Last but not least, what makes vacation fling exciting is that it is unlikely to happen again. Whatever you do, it will stay between you and your partner and become a loving memory. So, make the most out of it. Live in the moment and make even the slightest moment memorable for both.  

If you follow this short guide, vacation fling could become one of your life’s most exciting experiences and memories. Nevertheless, if you are hesitant to meet strangers, you can leverage technology to find the one and have a happy holiday!