By Samie McManus – Work Agency
Instagram – @samie.mcmanus


Yep, I’ve got them; those post Australia day blues. Just like everyone else and every other model – I do not get a choice on what days I work. I’m in this boat with the lot of you. Although I did make the handy decision to not get as radical as all my friends. Yes! I do have self-control and congratulations to me. I made it my bitch.

It’s another day, another day my eyes slowly adjust to the early sun en-route to the infamous “Honey-Wagon” better know as the motor home transformed into a mini studio. It only took three frantic text messages and three varying locations later to find the subsequently large Honey-wagon situated in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. Peak hour I might add.

I slouch into the recliner and begin to wait as the fluorescent lights seep into my skin.

Everyone has a part to bring this editorial together from the Honey-Wagon driver to the assistant holding an umbrella over our heads. Every detail must be perfect. Even if it is for that single minute or second of desire the public has as they flick past the page. I wonder if they even notice that one of the girls pinkie toe has smudged?

Right now I’m head to toe in Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Christian Dior, Tome and Prada…

And I want to point out that these clothes are made for very skinny girls straight off the runway, not healthy Australian girls straight off the beach. Today we’re squeezing our feet into size too small Louis Vuitton shoes and one of the girls hit the nail on the head, describing it as “having a bruise and someone pushing on it – constantly”.

You can always tell a fresh model from those well weathered; especially when they’re thrown in the deep end. They’re the nervous ones getting changed, trying to cover up and hide the concerned look on their face of peeping toms passing by.

You get to a point in this industry where you accept the fact you are to be semi naked half the time and the ‘free the nipple’ concept is something you begin to feel stronger and stronger about the more you work. It’s not like you’re out to get naked in public but it’s your job and some things just have to be done. I’m not sure when that switch flicks but its second nature to me now. I can drop and swap anytime, anywhere.

Finally after a long day, and feeling exceptionally deflated after the fact i couldn’t fit into the size 6 Prada skirt we wrap up. All it took were 3 girls, 1 french bulldog and 9 looks but editorial number one for the year is complete and I’ve got to say – there have been worse. It was well worth being sober on Australia Day.

Until next time Miss Honey-Wagon