Becoming a model is awesome! And the coolest thing about it is that you get to constantly meet new people and make new friends. You can get inspired by those around you and take your hobby to the next level. If you’re passionate about modeling, surrounding yourself with pals sharing the same passion is a great opportunity for growth. 

Besides, you could even turn your hobby into a career and get paid correspondingly. For that, you’ll need to apply to a model school, get in, and ace your classes. Here are the tips and tricks of doing that. 

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Becoming a model – what do I have to do?

Physical traits

The first thing you must do is run a self-analysis of your best physical traits. You must know what makes you stand out and distinguishes you from other models. Study your features and see how they fit today’s model of beauty

Research what the market is looking for and compare your features to your findings. What is the most interesting thing about your face? Is there anything that could make you original and authentic? The answer is yes, there is. Always. You just have to find it. Don’t give up until you do.

Getting used to studying your own face and body can be uncomfortable at first and maybe a bit weird. But once you get into that modeling mindset so to speak, you’ll become more confident in your qualities and figure out your true value. Women, start wearing heels, men, start wearing suits. You need to get comfortable dressing up.

Building up your portfolio

Your next goal is to build up a good-looking portfolio. This is crucial for the hiring process and it’s your best chance to get into the modeling school of your choice. Hire a professional photographer to help you get the word out. Make sure they’re involved and give you directions on what looks best on you. 

Create two portfolios, a hard-copy one and an online one. include all of your experience here, if any. Show the casting agents and school officials why you want the job/ college experience. If they ask you for an intention letter, don’t miss out. Be honest and open about your intentions. Tell them that applying to a modeling school is a great way to get started on this path. If you need help, consult with college essay writers at Edubirdie. They can help you with writing your application. Go for what you want, never give up. 

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Learn how to work with the camera

To get into the model school of your choice, you’ve got to learn the basics. The first rule is learning how to work well with the camera. First, you need to find your most natural pose – wear minimal make-up and jewelry and get a headshot of yourself. Your next target is getting a full body shot. 

Get creative while taking the photos. Create a character and let it speak your language. Become an actor for a few minutes. Take pictures with attitude. Let your body speak for yourself. Become friends with the camera. Dress casually but let your clothes express your character. Be confident when posing – it is about you, after all. So, embrace it. Don’t be ashamed of it. 

Get more involved in Modeling

To get accepted into a modeling school, you’ve got to work hard. Go out and start looking for opportunities where you can get some modeling experience. Building up your portfolio is a great start, but you must also get out of your comfort zone and try as many new things as you can. 

  • Go to a salon, get a trendy haircut and buy some new trendy clothes
  • Volunteer at local organizations to help them run fashion shows and get yourself involved with the modeling market
  • Practice your catwalk whenever you can, even if you’re walking home from the gym
  • Workout and stay in shape, models look healthy and sharp
  • Discover new ways of acknowledging your body. Take dance classes, acting, yoga, do things that make you connect with yourself more. What you’ll learn might amaze you!

What should I know about modeling school?

Now that you know how to get started on creating your personal brand, here’s what you should know about modeling school. 

  1. Modeling schools are not a pre-requisite to you becoming a model. Sure, they’re a great help to put your foot on the door, but they’re definitely not a necessity. If money is an issue, you’d better choose to get real-time work experience at first, and then think about applying for a modeling college. 
  2. Speaking of which, modeling schools can get really expensive. Unless they’re famous or sign you as soon as you’re graduating, spending money on a modeling school is a luxury. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just make sure you know your reasons. 
  3. Picking your favorite type of modeling school before signing up is crucial. There are many modeling areas you could be interested in, such as runway, commercial, plus size, fashion, etc. 
  4. Research your modeling school before applying for it. Check out the models that have been rained there and ensure that you’re getting signed after graduation. Find an agency that works directly with the school and make sure they’ll represent you as soon as you’re done with college. 

Applying for a model school is a great opportunity to get real-time modeling experience. Make sure you know what this implies. Check out the above rules and let us know if we missed something. Good luck!

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Author Bio: Julius Sim is a freelancer and the Head of Support Team at Edubirdie. He is an entrepreneur and world-known author. In his free time, Julius likes to play charades and hang out with his friends.