Rolls Royce is a luxurious and exotic auto and power systems manufacturer based in the UK. Today, we will focus on Rolls Royce vehicles such as the Phantom, Wraith, and Ghost rather than the aviation engines from the company. Since buying high-end Rolls Royce vehicles is quite expensive, people who want to use them prefer to rent them from exotic car rental companies for a day or a few.

But still, you should know the Rolls Royce rental prices from different companies to see how you can save since you are renting an exotic luxury vehicle. So, what are the best tips for affordable Rolls Royce rental prices in your area?

Compare Rolls Royce Rental Prices from Different Rental Companies

With the increased use of the internet, websites and social media pages have a lot of information on services provided by exotic car rental companies. Since they use these platforms to advertise, readers can get all the information they need. In this case, it is the Rolls Royce rental prices.

Check for the companies that have advertised all their Rolls Royce models and the rental prices per day, the deposit, and other costs required for you to rent the vehicle for your event. From here, you can narrow it down to a few companies and contact them to gather more information.

Compare Rolls Royce Rental Prices by Model

Although all Rolls Royce vehicle models are exceptionally luxurious, some might have slightly lower daily rates than others. According to a popular rental company in Atlanta – Milani Exotic Car Rental, here is what you are likely to pay for a day for each of these top models of Rolls Royce.

  • Rolls Royce Ghost – You might be surprised to know that a black Ghost will cost you $100 more than a white one. Well, black is sleek and executive. But on average, it is safe to be prepared with about $1,500 per day for the Rolls Royce Ghost.
  • Rolls Royce Wraith – This car is a slightly more superior model than the Ghost and has two doors to give it a sporty look. While the interior feel and technology might all be the same, you will have to pay $1,600 per day for this car.
  • Rolls Royce Dawn – Just like the Wraith, the Dawn is a superior convertible Rolls Royce model designed for classy celebrities and stars. It is a cool car for weekend events and trips. You will also pay anywhere between $1,600 to $2,000 per day to drive the car.

Book Your Rolls Royce Early

If you are looking forward to enjoying affordable Rolls Royce rental prices, you might have to book early especially if you need the car during high-demand times of year. Booking early gives you an opportunity to negotiate a discount on a model of your choice. However, you might be limited to only expensive options when you book a Rolls Royce too near to your event day. Sometimes, booking through an agent who is eligible for a good discount will save you some money especially if you are traveling to a new city.

Even as you book, be on the lookout for discount coupons, special rates, and other ways that could save you some money. Additionally, take good care of the car during use to avoid fees that lead to expensive Rolls Royce rental prices at the end of the day. This way, you will always enjoy renting any of these luxurious and exotic cars.