When it comes to luxury, we think about top hotels offering us all the best amenities and services. Hospitality organizations take pride in branding themselves as luxury destinations and they believe they can live up to the hype and offer extravagance. Everyone should experience luxury accommodation at least once in their lives and if you are planning on being pampered, look for these key traits. 

What is Luxury?

Before we highlight the characteristics of luxury accommodation, let us first try to define luxury. Luxury resorts in NSW are different to other hotels and accommodation. They go that extra mile to ensure everything is perfect. Although there is no set definition for what a luxury hotel is, it is easy enough to spot one. 

A luxury resort or hotel is a place that provides luxury accommodation and luxury service. They go behind what a normal hotel would offer to make your stay memorable. You will know you have stayed in luxury accommodation when you have left the hotel. 

Extravagant Décor

One thing that you will immediately notice when staying in luxury accommodation is the décor. The interior and exterior of the property will feature some outstanding pieces of art and craftsmanship. If you are trying to decide where to go for your honeymoon or anniversary, take a quick look at the website to see if the décor looks extravagant. 

A luxury hotel will look upscale, and this theme will be present all over the resort, from the hotel lobby to the restaurants to the pool. 

Luxury Spa

Another key characteristic of a luxury resort is a luxury spa. You are going there to relax and unwind, so you should expect them to have an excellent spa facility that offers a range of services. The spa will be set in a tranquil environment and managed by professional therapists. They will offer all kinds of therapies to boost your immune system, remove toxins, increase blood circulation, and relieve aching muscles and joints. 

The entire package will cater to your every need, making sure you relax and unwind the entire time you are at the spa. Luxury spas serve food and drink throughout your visit to ensure the experience is something you will not forget. 

Exquisite Food

All luxury hotels are culinary delights. Food can have a huge influence on your mood. When you sit down in a luxury restaurant and are served delicious food by a skilled chef, it releases feel-good hormones and boosts your mood. 

Restaurants in a luxury resort will have menus to suit everyone, if something is not available the chef can accommodate requests. 

In addition to the points mentioned, here are some other things that make a luxury hotel:

  • Service
  • Room
  • Facilities 
  • Technology 

There you have it, some of the main characteristics of a luxury hotel. Luxury accommodation is different around the world and some resorts can bring a new meaning to luxury. It is all about experience and an excellent hotel knows how to take care of your needs.