Your honeymoon is going to be your first-ever official adventure with your significant other. You sure want it to be an ever-lasting memory.

But to make it an evergreen, refreshing memory of your bond, you need to pick the right place, which will be a tough task. You know, there is an abundance of dream destinations out there, all appealing and seeming to be just the right fit.

Hence, we decided to help out with the whole process. Here’s a complete and comprehensive guide about how to choose the ideal honeymoon destination.

Step One: Shortlist Your Favorites

Well, step one is to narrow down your list. There’s Sandal’s South Coast, Jades Mountain Resort, Hurawalhi Island Resort, The Caves, and whatnot. From amongst all these beautiful places, pick out your preferences with your partner’s help. Determine whether you both would like to spend your first-ever adults-only honeymoon in a beachy area or amidst nature in a jungle? Once you’re through with, consider your relevant honeymoon destinations. Pick out your favorite region and begin your detailed research!

Step Two: Shortlist Your Goals

Next, you need to team up with your partner and sum up the dreams that you two hold. Certainly, you both may have a specific set of goals ever since you started thinking about this trip. Perhaps one of you wishes to try a hand at sky-diving, while the other wishes to try all exotic dishes of a certain area. Maybe the two of you aspire to spend enough time stargazing or maybe exploring nature together? Or you’ve been dreaming of spending your honeymoon in a beautiful island like Kiawah Vacation Rentals. It’s a perfect destination for couples! Well, whichever way it may be, make sure your shortlisted places offer relevant activities and facilities. Settling with a compromise on your honeymoon doesn’t quite seem to be the right idea.

Step Three:  Outline Your Budget

Following the compilation of your preferences for places and activities, you need to determine your preferences for expenditure. You need to set aside a certain amount for the entire trip.

Now, note that at this particular point of your planning you do not have to think of the budget in light of your preferences. Just determine how much you can afford to spend? We will recommend you to go with the upper limit of your range so you can plan your trip as luxuriously as possible. Do not forget to include your transport expenses, food expenses, and the amount you will be spending on your activities and residence.

Step Four: Combine the above Three

Now, here comes your big and direct step. You have all three important lined up. It’s time to pick out the ones that have a common ground in all. You need to further shortlist the options based on your preferences that fall in harmony with your goals. And both fall in your outlined budget.

Doing so will grant you a super-specific list. Most likely, you will have only two or three options. Say you had a very extravagant list. Even that will leave you with minimal options and that’s because finding all three in one place is highly difficult.

Step Five: Consider Heritage & Culture

Another essential aspect to consider when deciding your dream honeymoon destination is the local culture and heritage. As you both will be staying at this destination for a while, you will have exposure to the localities, and of course, an opportunity to learn more about the world you live in. Hence, it’s better to opt for a place with richer traditions, festivities, and culture. So, you can enjoy yourself to the best.

Lastly, but essentially, know that this marks only the beginning of your adventures with your loved one. You want to make it memorable, and you must, but if financial or other reasons are keeping you back from making it the grandest and luxurious vacation that you’ve ever been to, then fret not! Time will grant you more opportunities. Just keep looking and working towards it. All that you need to make your first-ever vacation memorable is some quality time with your loved one, perhaps at a place that you both find soothing. Have fun!

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