Thinking about getting Botox? It’s not surprising as botox is increasingly gaining prominence. It is an injection on your head. Botox contains botulinum toxins and can help clear your face of wrinkles by paralyzing your facial muscles. Like any other injection, it needs to be administered by professionals. This will to reduce your chances of suffering any unwanted side effects. These are the things to keep in mind before getting botox:

Botox is Safe

The first assurance about botox you can have is that it is safe. Botox has been proven to be effective and safe for use by the food and drug administration body. Botox is both a cosmetic and a medical procedure. It’s not easy to imagine, but botox is an injection into your forehead at your eyebrows or between your eyes. If done correctly, it can help treat blepharospasms in the eyelids, chronic migraines, and hyperhidrosis. Based on the information on this website, if you are doing botox for cosmetic purposes, it is vital that you get the right cosmetologist. Ideally, you should work with a cosmetologist who specializes in botox. With the right plastic surgeon, you can have wrinkles treated. Once again you can regain your confidence and love yourself for the new looks.

Likewise, if you want botox for purely medical reasons, a dermatologist is better suited to give you the injection. Ensure your dermatologist or cosmetologist is legitimate and uses official neurotoxins/fillers to lower your chances of receiving a dangerous product that can cause you more harm than good.

It Has No Age or Sex Limit

You can go for botox at any age. Wrinkles can happen to anyone at any adult age. Even if you are young and you are already feeling that anytime you play around with your facial expressions you have wrinkles on your face then you can give botox a try. Most men prefer bro-tox injections which is a form of botox that can relax the facial muscles and consequently hide your face wrinkles. Remember the earlier you go for botox after realizing you have wrinkles the better for you as these wrinkles will not deepen further neither shall they increase in number.

It Might Not Clear All Wrinkles

That you are going for botox should not make you have unreasonable expectations of a wrinkle-free face. Botox only clears the wrinkles on your face that come as a result of your facial expressions. It can relax your facial muscles and thus improve the appearance of these wrinkles you can have static wrinkles that botox cannot clear. However, your dermatologist can use some laser therapies on you to help you smoothen static wrinkles,  otherwise, you can consider natural strategies of eradicating wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief, botox will not necessarily leave you looking frozen. You only need to get an expert to give you the injection and you can still communicate and react accordingly through facial expressions. Note that Botox only relaxes the wrinkle-forming muscles in your forehead and does not in any way alter your facial expression muscles.

Botox Results Aren’t Immediate Neither Are They Permanent

Do not expect to have a wrinkle-free face immediately after you have had your injection. It can take up to four days for you to realize that indeed something went into your forehead. The results are usually fully manifest two weeks after the injection. You can feel frozen but you must not necessarily appear frozen. To maintain the effects of botox you will need to go for maintenance treatments. Talk to your dermatologist about when you should go for a touchup lest the results fade away. Botox is not a permanent injection too. Your body processes the injection based on the amount of botox that is injected. Most often, the injection will carry you up to four months after which you will need another injection. 

Botox is becoming very common because of the many health and cosmetic advantages it yields. However, you must ensure you get the right amount of dose from a legitimate doctor and manufacturer of neurotoxins. You should also know that you can go for the injection at any age as soon as you realize you have wrinkles.

Whether you are a man or woman, botox is there for your facial muscles. Botox does not yield instant results nor are the results permanent. It is important to see your dermatologist often so that you can be advised on whether you need some reinforcement of the injection. The safety of Botox is determined by the credibility of the dermatologists and the right dosage. At times a vibrator can be involved, do not be surprised if one is used! It is not a complex procedure and can be done in a very short time. The side effects are negligible if it is given to you by an expert.