Occasionally in life, you’ll come across someone who seems to have ageless skin. While everyone else you know is getting older and starting to change, this individual seems to maintain their youthful energy, no matter what.

What’s the reason for this? It’s easy to chalk it up to good genes or the avoidance of living a full life, but there’s more to it than that. It turns out that a lot of the way people’s skin looks comes down to their daily choices.

But what specifically? Let’s take a look at some of the secrets of ageless skin.

They Avoid Sunlight

Recently, a study that tracked the skin aging of numerous participants over ten years found that those who avoided the sun completely only saw negligible aging in their skin tissue. It didn’t seem to matter how much older they got, their skin remained roughly the same.

Researchers have long known that the sun influences skin aging, but they were surprised by how much. It turns out that changes in the skin among younger people are almost entirely down to sun exposure, and those who avoid going out in direct sunlight are much more likely to appear youthful.

Therefore, people with ageless skin probably don’t try to get a tan on the beach or go to salons. Every day, they also make a habit of wearing sunscreen to protect themselves from the inevitable damage UV causes.

They Get More Sleep

Another lifestyle habit you might find among these ageless people is the fact that they get more sleep. Resting, it turns out, is essential for skin health, as anyone with skin issues will tell you. The more time you take out, the better your skin feels.

The reason for this comes down to two main mechanisms. The first is that sleep ramps up the repair processes in the skin at the cellular level, giving it more of a chance to bounce back stronger than ever.

The second is the ability of the skin to drain at night. Lymph and other fluids need to circulate at night to prepare the dermis for the next day.

Therefore, those with ageless skin often have an excellent sleep routine. Most get more than 7 hours a night, even on weekdays.

They Go For Treatments

It’s also worth pointing out that a lot of these people with ageless skin are also getting proven treatments. According to medical spa services at Elan Skin, there are numerous procedures on the market demonstrated in studies to have a profound effect on skin health. Most of these involve challenging the skin and getting it to respond by producing more youthful gene expression over time.

They Don’t Have Negative Lifestyle Habits

Finally, those individuals with perfect skin avoid negative lifestyle habits that can damage the dermis. Things like stress management, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and cutting out junk food can all help long-term. In fact, eating more fruits and vegetables could be an excellent way to ramp up cellular defenses and incorporate phytonutrients into the skin for a healthier appearance.