Finding a boyfriend is one thing, but finding the right hair product is a life journey for most, and once you truly find your hairs soul mate you latch on like no other and ride that god damn wave.

In my case, my true love and compatible match was not an exotic ball breaking line of product, which takes a science degree to master, for me, it was one simple blue bottle. It really was purely the perfect match.

Purely Perfect is the first product introduction from Hairstory, a company created in 2009 by Bumble and Bumble founder Michael Gordon
and a small group of beauty veterans.
 Hairstory is part beauty studio, part product company and part think tank with a less-is-more mentality and a desire to shake up (and wake up) the hairdressing industry.

All conventional shampoos (organic, sulfate- and paraben-free ones, cheap ones, expensive ones) cause most hair problems so I have been told.
They try to convince us that squeaky-clean hair is good, when in fact they leave hair crying out for conditioner – which merely masks the stripping and dryness caused by shampoo in the first place.

I’m not going to lie however, the first week of using the Purely Perfect product I was left feeling a little confused. No lather? No conditioner? I felt lost, and my hair did not feel like it had been through the right amount of procedures to feel show ready.

However, I persisted, and a solid week down the track, no joke, my hair was smoother, silkier & shinier. My color lasted longer (practically zero-fade, with no bleeding in the first wash after a color process). Honestly, it isn’t so much what it does; what it doesn’t do that makes the difference.
Cleansing Creme renders conditioners and masques obsolete. Seriously: if your hair isn’t being damaged and distressed by the conventional washing process, then why weigh hair down and send even more stuff (and money) down the drain?



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