What are the benefits of cannabis? Or can these plants only cause harm? Actually, it all depends on the individual and their attitude toward cannabis use. If cones are used in moderation and in appropriate situations, they can really improve the quality of life. They relieve pain, relieve stress, and panic attacks, arrest epileptic seizures, relax the body, and give vitality. Buy weed online Canada can create a positive mood, help you concentrate on a specific goal, and do monotonous work. You can also visit this site: https://thejointcannabis.ca for more details.

If a person is afraid of the negative impact on the respiratory system, you can choose more gentle options: the use of hemp oil, tinctures, or dishes with cannabinoids.

And if we talk about the seeds and stems of plants that do not contain psychoactive substances at all, they are a real treasure for mankind, which our ancestors used hundreds of years ago.

A selection of hemp varieties with useful properties

Medical Seeds’ Y Griega is a high-energy sativa with all the good and bad that comes with it. The bushes are slow to develop, and by the end of the cycle, they are up to three and a half meters tall and become true trees. Harvest is in early November, so most growers will have to grow the plantation indoors, and this will require growth control skills so that the bushes don’t hit the ceiling. The plantation blooms for an average of 12-13.5 weeks, and the growing stage takes 8-10 weeks. Yields are high, about 500 grams per square. The cones have a pleasant lemon-pine aroma and a similar flavor, with a THC content of 27%. The body instantly fills with energy and positivity, awakening creativity and a desire to communicate. A great mood and a fun time for at least 2-3 hours are assured.

Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose Early Version is a photoperiodic plant. Wild cannabis has given the plant a quick bloom and a strong immune system. Even a novice grower will be able to grow it. Good light and moderate watering will be enough to harvest a decent crop after 7 weeks of flowering. If you follow the instructions, it will yield up to 450 grams per square meter indoors or up to 900 grams per bush outdoors. 

Outdoors, the harvest occurs in mid-September. The cones have a sweet, fruity aroma with skanky notes. Ripe grapes dominate the taste, and the weed concentrates content reaches 25%. After tasting, the body plunges into complete relaxation, vitality is restored, and ordinariness takes on bright colors.

FastBuds’ Gorilla Glue Auto is the perfect choice for those who want a bountiful harvest but don’t like to wait long. The entire life cycle from planting to harvesting takes no more than 9-10 weeks. Bushes grow to 60-130 cm and fit perfectly in even medium-sized boxes. The main feature of Gorilla Glue is its unreal resin content. The inflorescences literally drown in a sticky, viscous mass. 

This Sativa hybrid yields between 450-600 grams per square meter, with a THC level of 24%. The effect is a combined one: a rush of energy and euphoria is felt at first, followed after a while by a blanket of relaxation and tranquility enveloping the body. This variety is perfect for workaholics who want bright emotions and bodily relaxation at the end of the day.