Hey, ladies, are you excited to go to college? But despite the excitement, we bet you’re confused about what and how many clothes to pack. 

When it comes to clothing, many prefer having a vast array of choices they can use to mix and match. The flexibility it offers gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll have something to wear at every event. But the problem is you can’t take everything with you to college, even if it is a modeling school.

It’s difficult to finalize a set of clothes for every occasion at the top of your head. Several questions would pop up while you’re choosing what to pack. Should you prioritize style or comfort in your first year of college? If you prioritize style to fit in better with the other college friends, what would it cost you? How much partying do you plan to do, and are you going to work out consistently?

Planning your wardrobe requires you to envision your daily life at college. This also means you need to be aware of the college’s culture so you won’t waste any precious baggage space. The strategy we’re going with is helping you build your college capsule wardrobe so you’ll have everything you need.

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe and Its History?

According to the Washington Post, the term “capsule wardrobe” goes back to the 1980s, a term coined by Susie Faux. She was the West End boutique owner who introduced her clients to minimalist brands. Meanwhile, Donna Karan, in ‘85 with her Seven Easy Pieces, popularized the concept in the U.S.

In 2014, Caroline Rector, founder of Unfancy, revived the buzz for capsule wardrobes. She posted the idea of a 37-piece capsule, like Marie Kondo’s decluttering method. The concept of a refined and utilitarian collection of clothes is familiar but its appeal is greater than ever.

Believe it or not, the pandemic has forced many of us to redefine our relationship with fashion. Hours in lockdown, sitting at home with so many clothes unused, you start to notice a change. You begin to admit that some clothes you bought were to boost your serotonin for social media likes and attention.

But the pandemic has left little room for the effort and energy required to put together a creative outfit. Heavier burdens are weighing on our minds so functionality became the norm instead. People then spent that time decluttering and reorganizing their wardrobes, streamlining them.

Hence, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential apparel for your daily life and events. It transcends trends but it can also mean differently per person. And in this case, we’ll discuss what clothes and necessities you need for your college capsule wardrobe.

Essentials for Your College Capsule Wardrobe for Different Occasions

What to Wear for Your Classes


When you’re going to class, it’s important to have a backpack or tote bag that’s large enough for your supplies. It should also be secure enough to contain your laptop with ease. But most of all, comfort is vital since you might be carrying it all day.

Neoprene bags are a combination of comfort, functionality, and fashion. Neoprene fabric is durable, waterproof, and trendy—traits that are perfect for a college bag. It goes well with your party dress and you don’t need to worry about spillages. You can pair your sweater with colorful neoprene bags during the winter season, too!

T-Shirts and Tank Tops

As for clothes, you’ll need a few basic t-shirts and tank tops of different lengths and colors. The logic behind it is they can be worn alone but they also go well with cardigans and jackets. 

The t-shirts don’t count when we talk about putting cute tops in your wardrobe. These are trendy pieces of clothing that can be relevant most of the year like crop tops and button-downs.


Who doesn’t love cozy and oversized sweaters during the winter? Thus, we’re putting sweaters next on this list.  But remember that your sweaters shouldn’t be “dry-clean only” because you’ll be too afraid to use them. You’d be too conscious of taking care of the sweater than wearing it.


Casual and cute shorts are a must for your wardrobe and not all of them need to be stylish. You can have flowy ones, denim shorts, or biker shorts in the mix—whatever is comfortable. 

Skirts, Jeans, and Leggings

Skirts and jeans are also a must depending on your preferences. If you don’t wear skirts, jeans are the way to go. Choose a comfortable or stylish brand. like Sondeflor for skirts, that you’re willing to wear for most of the day.

Leggings are also another great option to pack, especially workout leggings. They have lower chances of showing panty lines and they can be used for workouts.

Jackets and Winter Coats

Spring or fall jackets and winter coats are needed if you’re going anywhere that has a cold season. Classic leather or denim jackets go with almost everything so they’re safe choices. Meanwhile, a winter coat is perfect to stay warm during your chilly months at school.

Walking Shoes or Sandals

Don’t forget to pack walking shoes or sandals since you’ll be walking around a lot. Whether you’re going to a class or the library, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes so you can focus. If you’re going out with your friends, a comfortable slip-on or doll shoes can be a lifesaver. It’s an adventure and you’ll need comfortable shoes when you go to college.


Finally, one of the most important parts of the wardrobe is underwear, and make sure you have a week’s worth. It’s that one type of apparel that you can’t recycle once it’s soiled. Imagine having only a few pairs of socks during the rainy season and being stuck with wet socks for a week!

Workout Clothes for Your College Capsule Wardrobe

Workout shoes are different from walking shoes because exercise has its designated equipment. Workout shoes are best so you avoid injuring yourself while exercising. 

Sports bras, workout tops, and bottoms are also part of the set. For sports bras, you need to know the cup categories to use them comfortably. Meanwhile, comfortable and stylish workout tops and bottoms can be worn in class. And afterward, you can head straight to the gym and work out before going home.

Having a neoprene bag will be great during these times because it won’t absorb your sweat. Your things won’t smell like sweat and the bag can withstand the routine of going to the gym after school. You won’t worry about the strap snapping at the worst time possible.

Clothes for Social Gatherings

Something comfortable and cute that you’d wear for a night out with friends is recommended. It’s even better if it’s a matching set that you can break up and mix with other clothes.

In case of formal events, you need to pack a mini dress and heels. Block heels or wedges are better than stilettos so you don’t kill your feet overnight. We recommend avoiding wearing expensive pieces when clubbing. You’ll sweat while dancing and there’s a high chance you’ll be spilled on.

If you’re going to frat parties, you need a different set of clothes from what we mentioned above. You need a beat-up pair of Converse, machine-washable tops, and a hardy pair of denim shorts. You can expect the parties to get a little too wild and that’s where low-maintenance clothes come in. If you plan to bring a bag along, a neoprene bag can withstand all that wild energy in style.

Fashion is always evolving and people’s relationships with their clothes have changed because of the pandemic. From an overflowing wardrobe, capsule wardrobes are now becoming more popular. Comfort and necessity are becoming the standard norm for clothes because not everyone has the energy to doll up.

In college, you’re sure to have a lot of experiences, like parties, movies, and formal events. And you need to be prepared for every occasion and season during your college years. There is a lot to consider, but everything comes down to what you need the most during your stay.