Choose The Right Pictures

One of the popular forms of dating today has got to be online dating. People are looking at it as an easier way to meet other single people than trying out your luck in public. It has enjoyed relative success thanks to the advancement in tech. 

Today, you can add your info to the sites, and the site uses algorithms to match you to a possible suitor. You also need to add a picture if you are to get the right person. Below is how you can pick the right image to post on your online dating profile. 

Post More Than One Photo

You don’t want to look like a creeper with only one photo, and you need to have a couple of them. But the images shouldn’t be more than twelve either. Only one photo will also show laziness on your side, which isn’t a great way to make an impression. 

If you are a person who doesn’t like photos as much, you need to have at least four pictures. That will show the other users that you at least put thought into it. And you care about the whole idea of online dating. For example, when you use this website, a Muslim dating site, you need to have a couple of your photos. You’ll be far more inviting than when you only have one photo, as most people are putting themselves out there. 

Mix It Up

As much as you can’t take only one photo, all your photos shouldn’t be the same. It would help if you mixed it up a bit to create a variety of shot angles. You can take a full-body, portrait, and action photo. Different poses may mean simultaneous for women especially. 

This will show the other users that you have variety in your life and can at least offer them that. It will also show that you aren’t a boring person and give others a chance to view different sides of you. 

Make Eye Contact With The Camera

Never look away from the camera when you’re taking pictures for an online dating site. And you also need to ensure that the eye contact you make with the camera is in a good way. As much as eye contact is crucial, making the wrong impression is worse. 

When you look thirsty in the picture, no one will take you seriously, and they will all see you as desperate. You can make a flirty look at the camera, that’s allowed, but don’t be thirsty too. Also, remember that a thirsty look should be one that you make eye contact with. 

When you have a flirty look, and you look away from the camera, that can be the worst shot you’ll have. It will give out all sorts of red flags, and no one will want to talk. This applies to both men and women in equal measure. 

Choose The Right Color

You need to have the right color on when you choose the right picture for your online profile. For example, men need to have blue on, and ladies need to have red for their photos. This can be for your main profile photos on the site – you need to make a statement with the image. 

According to Psychology Today, men are likely to approach women with red on their profile than other ladies on the site. And men are approachable when they have dark colors on than when they have lighter colors on. As a man, keep it dark – whether you have casual or official on, keep it dark. 


At least for women, they should smile, and men should smirk – just a bit. This is to enhance your image further as a smile will make you look welcoming to potentials. As a man, the smirk should show some pride as women are attracted to men with pride. 

Men will always be attracted to the happy woman, and a smile will show just that. Also, while you smile, some poses show happiness, such as an expanded chest and arms raised. The smile should be a broad one, too, as it will further enhance the image. 

You need to take a couple of things into account before you can settle on that specific picture for your online dating profile. This picture should be inviting and one that makes you look attractive. These are some of the few ideas you can use to ensure you have the right image for your online dating profile.