Love works when it’s flowing both ways. Men love affirmations just as much as women do. They may not say or admit it, but deep down, everyone needs to know that they are loved and appreciated. 

So, How Do You Make A Man Feel Loved?

1. Give Him Compliments

For years, the focus has been on showing women love and complementing their looks that people forgot men too love compliments.

Make your man feel loved by giving him genuine compliments. Don’t overlook the minor things like how he dresses or his scent. Communicate and let him know that he looks sexy every time he puts on that white t-shirt and those grey sweatpants. 

Acknowledge his efforts in dressing up whenever you are going out for errands or a date. 

When he comes back with a fresh haircut, tell him he looks really hot. You can even go a step further to kiss his forehead while at it.

2. Support Him

Support is critical in every relationship. Your man needs your support just as much as you need his. This is not just limited to the stuff that affects both of you, like your careers. You should also show support for his personal projects and hobbies. 

A man feels proud and loved when he knows someone actually sees his efforts and wants the best for him.

You can show your support in several ways. If there’s something you can contribute directly to help him achieve his goals, do it. If he’s feeling overwhelmed and is on the verge of giving up, lend him your ears and be his emotional anchor. 

3. Let Him Know He’s A Priority In Your Life

Life can be overwhelming with demanding careers and family commitment. However, do not focus too much on other things and forget about the man you want to grow old with. 

Show him that he’s a priority in your life by spending valuable time with him. Be intentional enough to escape from everyday stressors and have a quiet and quality moment with him. 

4. Support His Alone Time

This is perhaps the hardest thing to do in a relationship, but it is vital. As psychologists report,  alone-time is helpful for several reasons, and everyone needs it. 

Don’t make your boyfriend drop everything he likes and enjoys just for you. If he likes spending some alone time maintaining his motorbike, don’t force him to drop it and sit with you in the living room. If he enjoys a few hours of online gaming with his college friends, don’t make him stop. If he loves spending an hour or so in the morning meditating, support him.

This is beneficial to him and you because he’ll be back in a better mood once he’s done.

So, unless his alone-time is creating a drift between you, you should let him enjoy it. Use that time to focus on what you love, like knitting, drawing, reading a book, or learning a new hobby.

5. Listen To Him

Listen to your man whenever he’s trying to have a conversion. We get caught up on their phones so much that they fail to pay attention to the people sitting across from us. Put that smartphone down and give him the same attention you would want from him.

6. Gift Him

Like women, men love gifts, so surprise your lover with a present every now and then. The best part is you don’t have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to do so because as this site shows, there are many affordable yet thoughtful gifts for men. Get him something nice and deliver it in style.

7. Appreciate His Effort

It’s important to let your boyfriend know that you recognize what he’s doing for you and you appreciate it. Note that this doesn’t apply to the “big” efforts like being the sole breadwinner. Even minor household tasks like fixing the fence, mowing the lawn, and tightening a leaking pipe should be appreciated as well. 

He’ll feel happier and know that his efforts are not in vain.

8. Be Affectionate

Do men need random kisses? Yes, they do. Do they love long affectionate hugs? Of course, they do. 

Be affectionate to your man and let him know without a doubt that you’re enjoying his company. Reach for his hand and hold it as you take your quiet evening walks around the neighborhood. Tell him how much you love and miss him. Cuddle with him.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a man know that he’s loved, and it definitely doesn’t require spending money. Words and quality time can go a long way in expressing love.