Details create perfection; Only Dirndl and Lederhosen alone don’t complete the perfect Oktoberfest outfit. For men, wearing the right shoes and socks with Lederhosen is essential to complete the look. Women, on the other hand, have multiple options to choose from.

Authentic Bavarian Footwear to Complement Your Attire

Before the 1800s, Lederhosen and Dirndl were the official work clothes of men and women, respectively. But since neither dress covered your knees and calves, two-part or knee-high leather socks were used. The primary reason was to keep your calf warm in cold weather. The tradition has been carried on, but of course, with time, there have been some changes. The traditional Oktoberfest shoes that most men in Bavaria wear today are called haferl, and the socks are called loferl. Women often wear anything resembling the classic Mary Jane shoes and no-show or ankle-high socks. They might wear knee-high socks or stockings only when the weather is cold. 

Just like with your women’s Dirndl and men’s Lederhosen, you can add personal preferences to your footwear. There’s a wide variety of options you can choose from. As a styling tip, the best practice is to match the socks with your shirt.

Understanding the Types of Footwear Accessories for Oktoberfest

You’ll find socks in various design patterns and sizes when shopping for Oktoberfest. From ankle-high and knee-high to no-show and loferls (calf warmers), you’ll be amazed by the variety. Each of these has a separate name they’re called by. So, to make things easier, here’s a breakdown of the four common types of footwear accessories you’ll encounter:

Traditional Socks

Socks usually extend to the ankle or above and are made of cotton, wool, or nylon. Their purpose is to keep the feet safe from moisture and friction. They’re not too common for men to wear at the Oktoberfest unless you’re not following the tradition. Most women choose from various styles and colors of socks to match their Dirndl outfits.


Mostly made of nylon or spandex, stockings come in different sizes, from knee-high to thigh-high. They’re used for both medical and practical purposes. But not long ago, stockings became an everyday fashion item, primarily among women. Although not the tradition, some women wear tight, patterned stockings at the Oktoberfest to match their outfits.


As mentioned before, Loferl is the men’s traditional Bavarian footwear accessory for the Oktoberfest. Made from either leather or felt, loferl is not actually a sock. It is a calf warmer that comes in two parts: one to cover the feet and the other to cover the calf. Although not necessary, most men, especially the Bavarian locals, wear loferl with their Lederhosen. Be mindful, as Loferl socks are a poor styling option for Bundhosen, killing the overall vibe of the costume.

Haferl Socks

Haferl is the traditional shoe for the Bavarian Oktoberfest. Although it is not the original from the past, haferl goes ideally with the  Lederhosen. Often referred to as Bavarian Socks at online stores,haferl socks are knee-high socks that go perfectly with the haferl. Unlike stockings, haferl are essentially knee-high and made of cotton or wool.

Ideal Oktoberfest Socks for Women

“What socks should you wear with Dirndl?” The answer is whatever suits your shoes the best. Since the traditional Oktoberfest shoes for women are Mary Jane, and there are no traditional socks, you should follow the trend. Wear anything that resembles the Mary Jane shoes and go with one of these styles for your socks:

  • No-Show Socks: If you wear flats or Mary Janes, the trend tells you to wear no-show socks. Honestly, it is also the best look.
  • Boot Socks: Ankle boots, if matched right, also look great with Dirndl. And when wearing boots, there’s no better option than boot socks. People also prefer no-show socks with boots, but if it’s cold, boot socks do the best job protecting your feet.
  • Knee-socks: Just when we were speaking of cold weather, knee-socks will protect your feet and calf. Although you won’t see many women wearing them at the d’Weisn, the snowy winds will justify why you should wear them.
  • Tight Stockings: If you follow the trends, you’ll know that even some women wear Lederhosen at the Oktoberfest, which suits them. If you’re one of them, tight stockings with stylish patterns might be the perfect completion that your dress needs.

German Wisen Socks for Men

Both haferl socks and loferls are in trend for the men’s Oktoberfest costume. So let’s give you a formula for when to wear the loferls and when to wear the haferl socks. You may have a different sense of style, but here’s what the trend says:

  • If you’re wearing the traditional Lederhosen, i.e., knee-length, go with loferls. These are a combination of calf warmers and ankle-length socks. You can find them in various colors and design patterns, including lace, fir-pattern, and striped-loferls.
  • Although most Lederhosen are knee-length, some people may prefer more extended versions. If your Lederhosen or leather shorts go over the knees, haferl socks will make the best combination. Many people also prefer haferl because they are adjustable; you can pull them down to half-calf length.

Remember that all of this is vain only if you wear traditional haferl shoes with your authentic Lederhosen.


Do you have to wear special socks for Oktoberfest?

Not necessarily, but if you’re looking to dress up traditionally, wearing unique socks becomes essential to complete the outfit. It would be odd if you wore the perfect Lederhosen and Haferl but ignored the socks.

Are Loferl appropriate for women to wear at the Oktoberfest?

It entirely depends on personal choice. If you feel comfortable and think it goes well with your traditional Dirndl, go for it. Also, women wear Lederhosen for Oktoberfest, so loferl would be the perfect match if you’re wearing that.    

What other shoes work well with Lederhosen if you don’t have Haferls?

Sturdy leather boots should also work if you don’t have Haferls or don’t like them. Make sure you match the design and color of the shoes perfectly with your Lederhosen to complete the costume.