By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithCommunications

Model moms are the epitome of shopping gurus when it comes to shopping for their kiddos and shopping in general. The general question is to what to actually purchase, when and where. There are a couple of tips and tricks that model mommies on the run live by and we have a couple of unique shopping tips to share as we have the skinny on the latest and greatest. The following are a couple of tips and tricks to have your baby or baby-to-be just as stylish as a runway model during Paris Fashion Week. The point is that anyone can benefit from any model mommy tips and after all … all moms need to stick together period, right?

One product that has been accidentally stumbled upon by models and non- models alike, is the Fayebeline company –  one of the highest quality “Vogue” onesie style  lines for kiddos and consumers who do not want to shop at Target or BabysRus. Their customers just can’t wait to have more of these outfits. This is a time where you say bye-bye big box stores and say hello to onesies that literally say “I will drink until I pass out” or “No hair don’t care” to another favorite, “I only date models”. This company speaks for itself and it is no question why national media has gravitated to this inspirational and creative product line.

Strolling and how to stroll … these ladies have it down. Miranda Kerr can whisk her little one in and out of a car seat and otherwise in seconds flat. This lady has the Big Apple scene down flat and can literally whisk her son in and out at a moment’s notice. What are the reputable product lines for this sort of activity? Baby Bjorn’s, J Crew Strollers and a healthy workout routine to keep the baby happy and safe.

At the end of the day, supermodel or not, it is all about the crib. We are not talking something that your family member made, but at the end of the day what is trendy, safe, and reliable and let’s face it … in style! The internet is surely your best bet for finding something that is super unique, but at the same time it really is not going to kill you to pop into a Baby’s R Us, purchase a solid crib with a warranty and decorate away. Yes, models are just like regular people too and do not purchase something from overseas just for the expense of lucrative shopping. The key here is to purchase safe and then accessorize. Thank goodness for the internet as most can simply pop on, pick a theme and shop away.

Let’s go back to the clothes for a slight minute. Again, as mentioned above avoid the big-box stores. Most models do not have Valentino or Gucci designing their children’s line, however certain Vogue journalists have created their own fashion trends by simply showing themed kiddo model shoots that Instagram made famous. What is the point? Many models tend to keep a unique eye on kiddo fashion and why shouldn’t the everyday soccer mom play the same?