By Simi A Mira

It’s time for me to face reality. At 5 feet 5, quickly approaching 30 and with a little bit of a podgy belly, I think my dreams of being a catwalk model need to be put to bed. But hey, I’m really not that fussed! Although the fashion industry can sometimes seem to have its perfect proportions, there are still plenty of ways for us to get our fashion fix without following the exact footsteps of Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr et al.

Be Inspired

It can often be daunting to see the wealth of fabulously fit figures in the glossy magazines, but every now and then someone comes along to drive a wedge into the idea of the ‘perfect body’ needed to be a model or a superstar. My style crush of 2015 has to be Brit songstress Adele. Not only has she got a voice like honey, her whole persona drips of confidence. An air of ‘this is me – accept it or move on’. Her style combines sixties-inspired hair and makeup with classily-shaped dresses to show off her curves rather than hide them away. She often chooses muted or monochrome colours (with feminine lace or a hint of frill) because let’s face it, with a voice like that your clothes really don’t have to shout out too much!

Inspiration has hit throughout the decades, so don’t be afraid to look to the past to see who your style icon could be. Got a tall, boyish figure? Think Katharine Hepburn. Curves that simply refuse to be flattened? If Marilyn Monroe doesn’t inspire you then you’re a lost cause, I’m afraid!

The fashion industry is constantly changing, so instead of feeling that you have to follow the crowd, bask in the glory of your own epic personal style. Armani was the first ever designer to ban models with a BMI of less than 18, and recently Jaden Smith was welcomed to the womenswear giant Louis Vuitton, pushing the boundaries of the genders in fashion. Anything could happen in the future, and probably will, so don’t obsess about the norm and enjoy the freedom of knowing that each and every one of us has something to shout about!

Inspire Yourself

Just because you haven’t been approached by Tom Ford or Michael Kors doesn’t mean that you haven’t got enough beauty to wow the rest of us. And I’m not saying that in a ‘we’re all beautiful on the inside’ way. No, what I mean is, show us what you’ve got! If you’ve got legs to die for, get some classy boots and stomp all over Instagram with them. Or if you know the absolute best way to get a smoky eye, give us a demo on YouTube. Don’t be afraid to show off your strengths and make yourself proud. You’ll also open yourself up to plenty of discussions about how you achieved personal style or who your style icons are.

If you think the world’s ready for you, take a look at how we think you can get the perfect picture. Enjoy showing off!