By Michele Smith
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Each and every one of us suffers from not exercising on the road. This includes each time you have made a conscience effort to even fill up pack of your overnight bag with sports bras and tennis shoes; while not working out whatsoever. Supermodels not only have a stringent diet routine, but a very strict exercise routine as well.

What exactly do models do for their personal routine when they are exercising out on the road? Most people in general cannot count on on all exercise equipment even working in a hotel gym – their home away from home. Please read further if you want to read about an exercise “Plan B” when you are out and a on the road, supermodel or not.

IF you bring it, it will come

When it comes to fruition the, “let’s assume the gym is run down attitude”, might as well be replaced with the “bring it myself mantra” – as this will work in the short term. Hopefully, your hotel is in a nice enough area where you can throw one some shoes and pound the pavement; but if not, you can easily bring some sliders and a rolled up exercise matt. Sliders are a great way to work your abdomen and legs; while your travel matt is also great for working your inner core. A jump rope is also a great way to add some high impact cardio to your workout, while taking up minimal space in your luggage.

Download an online workout prior to departure

Most models cannot afford to have a personal trainer in tow with them for their majority of their trip. On the flipside, most trainers offer online workouts for their clients on the go. This includes customized workouts where trainers will design a workout that is hotel savvy as well. Expect these workouts ab and plank heavy; combined with multiple burpees.

The Terminal B Workout

This is very sound advice when it comes to a model on the run or not. Let’s say for example that your, flight is delayed. Do you A. run to Starbucks and find a seat in the terminal, or B. go on an exploratory mission for some sushi and maybe walk to the shopping area in another terminal. We are not saying miss your flight, but staying active vs. sitting when you have the time, is an activity most people do not consider when they are busy focusing on getting to their connecting flight and staying complacent.

Bring your kids

If this is not a work-related trip, you can guarantee not to be sedentary when you have your kiddos along for the ride. The activity pirates will have you walking on the go nonstop, taking a break at the local amusement park or have you chasing them down the beach in a matter of minutes. On these type of trips, be sure to have your wallet in toe to stock up on boogie board rentals and dive accessories for the whole family. Another great theme with traveling with kids without question is that you end up eating and crashing a little bit earlier.