Are you planning to go on your first road trip in a camper van? We bet it’s going to be filled with adventure and awe-inspiring views. Whether it is the countryside or famous National Parks, there’s a lot to visit, especially if you are planning to camp in Colorado. 

You can go to desserts for a biking adventure or simply relax under the falling aspen leaves of the fall. Regardless of being a new or a seasoned camper, avoiding these common mistakes can help you have a fun-filled and adventurous time in the wild. 

Here are some common mistakes you must avoid when going van camping. 

Not Reserving Your Campsite

When it comes to camping sites, there are usually two types. The first is the traditional campsite and the second one is a dispersed campsite. If you want to keep things safe and stay surrounded by “reality”, it’s best to go for traditional campsites. However, it’s quite common for these sites to be reserved six months in advance. Therefore, conduct proper research and make sure to book your site before hitting the road. Also, stay away from ‘first come first serve deals.’

Lastly, if you want a little bit of adventure, you can book a dispersed campsite located deep into the forest. When reserving this campsite, make sure to do enough research and arrive before the sun sets to ensure you have parked in a safe place. 

Not Adhering To The No Trace Principle

Remember, you are a guest in the wildlife, and it is your responsibility to respect the wildlife and other guests. In short, you must follow the ‘No Trace Principle’. If you are new to this, make sure to keep everything planned, dispose of all waste safely, park on solid surfaces, minimize campfire remains, respect wildlife and leave what you find. 

Carrying Your Own Firewood

While carrying your firewood might seem imperative, using non-native firewood can attract foreign bugs and even poisonous snakes. Moreover, it can also destroy the forest. So, instead of carrying your own wood, collect firewood from your surroundings. 

Ignoring Fire Bans

Before you go for camper van rental in Denver Colorado, make sure to research everything about your campsite. Moreover, if you are planning to camp during the summers, beware of the fire bans. Because most forests are arid during the summers, make sure not to light a fire in a risk zone. This could lead to a devastating forest fire. 

Not Mapping Properly

We get it; it can be tempting to discover all the spots at that campsite. But, it can be hectic, and you won’t be able to enjoy. So, instead, select two-three main spots and spend some more time in those spots for a relaxing experience. 

Not Packing Right

Depending upon the campsite and your plans, you must pack everything you need. If you want to trek, make sure to carry all the required gear and hiking boots. Moreover, before you start your trip, compile a list of everything you need. Here are the essentials:

Visiting Only National Parks

National parks have a lot to offer. But, they can be extremely crowded and not so scenic. So, instead of hitting the usual popular spots, plan a trip to the less-crowded areas. And, if you have a national park on your list, make sure not to be restricted to just that. Go beyond the park for a more adventurous experience. 

Van camping can be a lot of fun, especially if you are prepared beforehand and have everything you need. Moreover, in addition to the mistakes stated above, you must also track whether and pack enough food for the trip.