A Travel Guide Covering Everything You Must Know for an Epic Mykonos Experience

Perfect sugary beaches, exceptional seascapes, an unimaginably palpable energy, unbeatable nightlife, award-winning restaurants, a legendary party scene, dreamy accommodation, and the most exquisite and cosmopolitan lifestyle await at Mykonos. Indeed, the Cyclades jet-setter and legend island is a mighty people-pleaser that has been attracting an international crowd like bees to honey for over 60 years. Undeniably, if something is celebrity-worthy, you’ll find it at the dazzling Island of the Winds. And, if you truly want to be an embedded part of the overall Mykonos allure, this guide will set you on the right path! 

Falling hopelessly in love with Mykonos

From Shakira and Lady Gaga to Giorgio Armani and Jean-Paul Gautier, nearly every single celebrity, a-list, elite athlete, Hollywood star, and famous person in the business world (and not only) has visited the beautiful Queen of the Cyclades and has a-washed themselves in its iridescent Mediterranean light. No wonder, though. Mykonos can make anyone feel like royalty, either with its natural draw or its impressive abundance of options, irrespective of the need, desire, or wish. 

Now, among the amazing plethora of opportunities to entertain yourself, you should definitely not leave out the following experiences:

1. Strolling through the artistic old town 

The Chora (aka Mykonos Town) is the delicate capital of the island featuring sparkling white houses and the gorgeous azure of the Aegean Sea and the cloudless sky in the background. As you wander through the narrow, cobblestone streets of this marvellous place, you’ll be greeted with adorable Cycladic architecture, old whitewashed churches, chalky sea captains’ homes with colourful doors and shutters, wells, museums, and lots of cafes, restaurants, and bars. While there, don’t miss out on the majestic 17th-century Panagia Paraportiani church and its awe-inspiring construction (it’s actually a complex of five churches built one almost on top of the other), the 1800s Town Hall, and the glorious Mavrou School. And, if you extend your walk to the harbour, chances are you’ll be rubbing shoulders with Peter the Pelican – the adorable and super-friendly mascot of the island! 

Tip: Mykonos Chora is also home to an exquisite shopping scene, which revolves around Matoyianni street, where you can find anything from designer boutiques to souvenir shops worth checking out. 

2. Visiting the iconic windmills and Little Venice 

Under the Mykonos capital spotlight is also a scenic seaside neighborhood that dazzles with its 18th-century homes. A world apart from the architecture of the rest of the island, Little Venice will amaze you with its picturesque, Venetian-style homes, whose foundations are, literally, in the sea, and their flower-filled balconies hand over the water! It is one of the most photographed places in Mykonos, and was once the region where the wealthy of Mykonos used to live. Now operating as restaurants, bars, and cafes, the charming houses offer superb seascapes, the most romantic sunset views, and chilled experiences. 

Another signature landmark is the Windmills, which are located just a short walk from Little Venice. Occupying a prestigious spot atop a hill, they overlook the vastness and grandeur of the Aegean Sea while providing visitors with both a relaxing venture starring captivating views of the glistering sea and a tour to how the islanders used to grind wheat using wind power up until a few years ago!   

3. Joining a party 

You are on an island that has practically invented parties and the good life overall. With always a reason to celebrate life (or no reason at all – just the desire to have fun), Mykonos is on a non-stop party mode 24/7, especially in the summer months. This comes as no surprise, though, given its legendary nightlife. The only requirement on your behalf is to decide on the type of experience you are after. This is because Mykonos offers from drag queen and cabaret shows to loud beach club parties with guest DJs of international fame, and laid-back evenings at beachfront bars and cocktails on balconies. In any case, you’ll have utmost fun and probably find out that you can drink champagne or showered with!

4. Pampering yourself with 5-star luxury 

As expected, the Queen of the Cyclades welcomes its VIP guests with villas and mansions that epitomise luxury, elegance, 5-star service, award-winning design, and facilities that include from private chefs preparing gourmet and local gastronomy for you to private infinity pools, chapels, BBQs, and lounge areas with sweeping views of the blue horizon and the crystalline sea. 

The bare truth is that the standard hospitality has reached in this place is absolutely incredible and difficult to believe if you don’t experience it yourself. You just select the desired location (e.g., in the heart of all the action, on top of a hill, right in front of the beach, more private locations, etc.) and choose the stylish property that ticks your boxes and speaks directly to your heart. 

Other must-try Mykonos endeavors:

  • Sample the Mykonos cuisine.
  • Taste local, globally acclaimed wines.
  • Soak up some rays at a sandy Mykonos beach.
  • Go on a boat tour around the Mykonos coastline.
  • Sail to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delos Island.
  • Have fun with water sports, from parasailing to tubes and wakeboarding.
  • Watch the sunset from the Armenistis Lighthouse. 

At the end of the day, it is highly likely that you’ll fill this list up with many more adventures and moments that will feel like nothing else you have ever lived so far. Simply enjoy it!