By Jessica Frost

Another day and yet another story about the mistreatment of models.

New York model, Rachel Rickert, was working for car manufacturers, Hyundai, at the New York International Auto Show and was allegedly fired for having her period.

The model spoke to the New York Post about the incident telling them that on the second day of the Auto Show, she had been working in the Hyundai booth for three hours in the morning and was unable to go for a bathroom break. She had her period at the time and when she finally got the chance to go and change her tampon, it was too late.

Rachel had soiled her uniform and upon requesting with her management team that she get a new uniform, was told she should go home for the evening. She tried protesting as she was getting paid by the hour but was left with nothing else to do but leave the event.

To turn a bad situation into a worse one, the next day she got a call from her agent telling her that she had been fired.

Her talent rep, Erika Seifred, told her she was being dismissed “because Hyundai heard about Ms. Rickert having her menstrual cycle and they didn’t want Ms. Rickert representing the company anymore,” according to her complaint filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

“She called me and pretty much told me that Hyundai didn’t want me representing them anymore at the show because they got word of my menstrual cycle,” said Rickert.

When talking about the situation, Rachel told the New York Post, “You’re not a robot. You have to use the bathroom especially when you’re on your period,”

“They just act like we’re not human. I’m not going to be ashamed or shamed of having my period,” she said.

Her management is yet to comment since the EEOC complaint has been filed and Hyundai say’s they’re investigating the incident.

Rachel was expecting to bank US$5000 from the job but is yet to receive any payment.

Maybe it’s because they’re paying these models that businesses feel they can treat them so poorly and expect them to take whatever treatment is dished out to them. Whatever the case, this situation is a prime example of sexual discrimination and something needs to be done to prevent things like this happening in the future.