By Georgia Hammerson

What do you feed the fashion elite at a pre historically, prestigious, weeklong event such as fashion week?

It’s a good question really, notoriously, it’s a known cliché of the industry that watching your waistline is a factor taken into consideration with your menu, but alas, in the busiest week of the fashion calendar – a gal’s (men also) gotta eat.

This got me thinking, what the hell do you dish out on the tables backstage and to the guests accompanying the shows?

Last year it was brown butter salted nougatine popcorn from the backstage dressing rooms of Ten Pieces (yum) and you’re never short of a press juice – apple slices lathered in peanut butter and granola are a known global favourite, and probably made an appearance somewhere. In our experience this year at fashion week, one table in particular saw two tubs of dip placed next to two cracker packets, followed by boxes of spinach and cheese gozleme’s… Accidentally placed together? Or was this a subliminal message from the fashion gods that they are as confused as we are when it comes down to what to serve up.

Is there an unspoken difficulty catering for such an event for the reason that there are models wanting to be healthy, but in fear of appearing condescending food is over compensated for? I mean you really do see the finest er… mish mash of foods, anything it seems to keep from having fruit, nuts and chickpea chips as the only offer going.

With show’s and related events running all day in to the night you’ll catch yourself hustling from place to place and, if you’re not prepared or in catering luck you’ll find your energy low and your blood sugars even lower. And who wants to be hangry front row of Macgraw? (Let alone while you’re doing your thing on that runway.)

Man Repeller noted her knack for carrying around protein bars in her bag for easy pre show access back in 2015, genius. Maybe the food at NYFW is a similar scenario – that, I personally can only speculate on.

Whatever your gourmet preference really is during your weeklong duties at fashion week, I’m certain your appetite is bigger than a stick of sartorial celery, and so it should be… but as for satisfying those personal cravings of yours – maybe, just maybe remember a few of your own snacks next time.