By Jessica Frost

For some, walking fashion week is the epitome of a fashion career. It’s a week full of opportunity that so many models grow up striving to get to, practicing their walk down hallways preparing for that day when they’ll make it onto the runway. With so many designers all searching for the perfect girl to personify their brand, it leaves boundless open spaces for fresh faced models to fill and find their break in the industry.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of it all and forget that walking at fashion week, particularly if you have multiple shows, is probably one of the most hectic jobs a model could get. So, to make it just that little bit easier, we spoke to our fave models and rounded up the top five things they wish they knew before walking at fashion week.

1. Never Underestimate Castings

And we don’t just mean because they are super long, super exhausting days. Sure, our models want you to know to take plenty of water, healthy snacks, a portable phone charger and to wear comfy shoes but it’s not the most important thing to know before going to a casting. It’s all of the other opportunities castings can bring to your career. Designers and directors aren’t just looking for the girls to walk in their upcoming show. They’re thinking about look books, campaigns, editorials and brand partnerships so it’s important as a model to show off your full package, not just your walk.

2. Getting To Show Venues Is Shit

If you think peak hour in Sydney is bad on a regular day, try getting to Carriageworks during fashion week. You need to leave a million hours earlier to get anywhere on time and uber isn’t always the best option. Our model friends told us that the train worked out to be the better option in some cases and driving themselves was never a viable method of transport (unless you’re happy to pay multiple parking fines).

3. Your Hair And Skin Will Be Ruined By The End

Spending a week having your hair and makeup in the hands of leading industry professionals means you’ll look amazing for a week and then spend the next month trying to get your split ends and clogged pores under control. Properly prepping your hair and creating a manageable skincare routine you can keep up with during the craziest week of your career can make all the difference and help you avoid the usual aftermath.

4. Always Take Your Own Snacks And Water

Catering at fashion week shows and events isn’t always guaranteed for models. Taking your own is vital for maintaining hydration and energy levels throughout the week and avoiding energy crashes and binge meals as you’re passing the takeout places on your way home.

5. You Won’t Be Rich Afterwards

Doing back to back jobs could make you think you’d be rolling in dough by the end of it but our models shared that that certainly isn’t the case. Sure it’s enough to give you the chance to take a break afterwards and reset but you certainly won’t be eating out every night or jet setting off on a tropical vacay.

Finally, you’ll feel new levels of extreme exhaustion, but you’ll be on an adrenalin high for the next few weeks and counting down the days until you get to do it all over again.