By Jessica Frost

Anyone who has ever been to or tried to keep up with fashion week from a far knows full well that week really means weeks. Whether it’s castings, outfit prep, research for articles, event planning or mentally preparing yourself for the onslaught of street style shots filling your Insta feed, it’s an exhausting time of the year. To prevent a fashion burnout, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to detoxing after the fashion week(s) craziness ends to have you feeling refreshed and re-inspired.

Put Down Social Media

It’s probably the most obvious step yet somehow the hardest to follow. There is an infinite amount of content on social media we find ourselves scrolling through in an attempt to consume as much of fashion week as possible. You may experience a little FOMO but switching off from online will give you a much needed break, allow your brain to reset and actually really absorb everything that’s just happened.

Give Your Hair And Skin Some TLC

Models know better than anyone the stress that fashion week puts on your hair and skin. Constantly having to change hairstyles with copious amounts of hair spraying and blow drying being brushed out and put back in multiple times a day and having your face covered in makeup 24/7 wreaks havoc on the health of your locks and face by the end of the week. For show goers, it’s about being so busy you don’t spend the usual time going through your normal skincare and hair treatment routines. So, when fashion week ends, so does your use of makeup and heat styling tools. Try to give both a miss for at least a week and instead use plenty of hair masks and get back into your usual healthy skincare regimen.

Get Writing

The power of a good old fashioned pen and paper is kind of mind blowing. Whether it’s scribbling, sketching or creative writing you’re feeling, taking some time getting pen to paper is a great way to express all of the inspiration you’ve just been overloaded with during fashion week. The process of manually getting your thoughts out helps you to take a little time to think about what you’re doing and can spark new ideas for your upcoming projects now that fashion week is done.

Make Your Way To The Kitchen

I don’t know about you but the first thing to suffer when i’m super busy is my diet. Skipped meals, on the go eating and sneaky snacks that are less than nutritious tend to replace healthy, proper sized meals. Use all of the time you’re not spending on social media to instead get into the kitchen and cook up a really delicious and nutritious meal (bonus points if there’s leftover for lunch tomorrow). Cooking can be quite methodical and cleansing and is a good way to focus your attention on something other than the runway for a while.

Say Goodbye To Sipping Champagne

Any fashion event generally means there’s glasses of Champagne and Wine constantly circling the room, calling out to you to drink them. The end of fashion week should mean the end of drinking in excess. If you can manage to completely detox for a couple of weeks, I salute you. For those not so strong willed, start by ditching the alcohol during the week and try to stick to just one boozy night on the weekends, trust me, your body will thank you for it.