What Are They Like?

A small investigation will show you that all artists, poets, and other representatives of creative professions have a muse or an inspiration source. There is nothing new about it. When it comes to fashion designers, it becomes clear that they also have someone who inspires them to create new outfits. In most cases, they choose famous women who stand out with their beauty or power. Sometimes their preferences change over time, or just new names replenish the list, but you can still track the tendencies and highlight people who influenced the designer’s career more than others. If you are interested in this topic but lack time to go deep down the question because of assignments, you can turn to collegeessaywriter.net to clear up your schedule.

Thus, even though the word “muse” has already become slightly outdated, it wonderfully describes relationships of fashion designers with certain models and influential females. The Met Gala helps sort things out and clarifies who has managed to obtain the status of the muse. Since this show is invite-only, the appearance of the same model year by year demonstrates a tight bond.

Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy

This union is considered one of the most successful ones in the whole history because both participants benefited from it. Audrey Hepburn became famous thanks to her great acting in numerous movies and a wonderful sense of style. As you might have guessed, the latter was also a merit of the couturier. They met on the set of the film Sabrina, in which Audrey played the main role. It was a turning point since the designer worked on almost all her outfits in the follow-up movies. Givenchy created the legendary little black dress, which helped her enhance the status of the style icon of the 20th century. In the interview, Audrey claimed that Givenchy was the only designer whose outfits revealed her personality. If you haven’t yet watched any of her movies, it is high time to fix it. You can visit customtermpaperwriting.org to get your papers done on time.

Betty Catroux and Yves Saint Laurent

It is another example of how the right meeting can turn your life upside down. In fact, if you look at the relationships of the couturier with his muses, you will understand what a perfect collaboration looks like. Laurent came across his future muse at a nightclub when he just started his career and felt unconfident. Her rebellious style influenced his works and inspired him to create a completely different style of clothes. Thus, we can thank this woman for the appearance of a pantsuit. Their life-term relationships became a foundation of the designer’s androgynous style in clothes.

Ines de la Fressange and Karl Lagerfeld

This beautiful woman managed to become the first model who signed an exclusive contract with Chanel fashion house. It happened much earlier than the world saw famous supermodels on the Parisian catwalk. As you might know, Lagerfeld had a life-term contract with Chanel and Fendi, so their cooperation was inevitable. The designer claimed many times that she inspired him with her personality and the ability to stay truly French even when she personified all the nations at once.

Monica Bellucci and Dolce & Gabbana

A few could argue that Monica Bellucci stands out from other women with her stunning natural beauty and impressive charisma. The designers made friends with the actress many years ago, so it is not surprising their tighter interaction with this gorgeous Italian lady has affected their works. The couturiers say that she represents exactly the image of the Dolce & Gabbana woman and is a constant source of inspiration since her beauty is timeless and her strong personality cannot but admire you. Even thoughyou cannot change your biological data unless you visit a plastic surgeon, you can improve your appearance. If you lack time to go to the gym and pop in a beauty salon, it is worth checking researchpaperhelper.org to find a trustworthy writing service that will help meet this challenge. 

Gigi Hadid and Jeremy Scott

The designer has close relationships with the whole Hadid family, so it is not news you could see all the family members on his shows’ runway. Even though he cooperated with Bella Hadid as well, Gigi remains his favorite. In fact, her first appearance as a model took place exactly on the designer’s show. She was provided with a solemn mission to open and close it. Gigi stood out from the rest in the latest show that was a collaboration with the H&M brand.

Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas

Everyone interested in the fashion industry knows the story of a legendary meeting. The designer and the actress shared the same flight in the 80s. When Jane took her bag, all her things fell out of it. Dumas saw it and commented on the incident, offering to have a bag with pockets. Birkin answered that as soon as Hermes launched one with pockets, she would definitely grab it. Since the designer was the chairman at Hermes at that moment, he promised to create such a bag for her. It is how one of the most famous collaborations in history started. They designed a voluminous bag that exceeded the size of the previous model. Today, every woman dreams of getting a Birkin bag, but you will have to spend a fortune to get it.