By Jessica Frost

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Fashion Week; when the style set turn out in droves and everyones a blogger. Yes, it turns out that fashion week isn’t so much about the fashion strutting its way down the runway, but rather, who’s wearing what out on the streets.

Unless you’re like me and your outfit planning involves pulling out your favourite pieces from the wardrobe, chucking them in a ‘to wear’ pile and hoping for the best each morning, there’s probably a few things you should know about getting dressed for fashion week…

DON’T wear the designer /

Unless you’ve been specially styled in a new season look, showing up to a show in last season pieces from the designer or brand you’re seeing is tacky and looks a little *cough* desperate. It seems harsh, but who wants to see last year’s looks?

DO wear something you are comfortable in /

Fashion week is all about new, different, unique and most importantly, your personal style. There’s no quicker way to spot a fraud then to look for the girl that’s awkwardly shifting her outfit around, shakily walking in a pair of crazy shoes, or posing in something that completely overwhelms her. Dress like you, it’s your best look, trust me.

DON’T try to keep up /

If it’s not a part of your job description to offer five outfit changes in one day, don’t bother. Truth be told, no-one really cares if you wear the same outfit for the whole day. Influencers who parade look after look are either being paid to do it, or haven’t paid for the clothes. It’s the quickest way to go broke and a monumental waste of time.

DO push the limits /

Without going overboard and wearing something that makes your bestie ask wtf?, push yourself a little and wear those outfits you’ve always wanted to style together but have never had the occasion. This is the chance to wear your favourite evening dress with your trusty sneakers or a blazer with denim cut offs. The only rule is to be confident.

DON’T forget about your undies /

Want to ruin a cool and creative outfit? Wear the wrong undies. I could name more than five outfits right now that I spotted at Fashion Week that were destroyed by undie seems, bra straps and oddly coloured undergarments. Unless you’ve got a cute lacy bralette to show off, a seamless nude G-string and the most minimalistic bra you can find are your best friends.