By Jessica Frost

There’s no doubt that being a model is a full-time job. You have to constantly be in shape and ready to strut down runways or pose for the camera.

But Fashion Week is often the most intense week of work for models who walk in back to back shows with little downtime in between. Not to mention the hordes of media snapping shots from every angle imaginable at all times. It’s the mecca of the fashion industry and there’s a lot that goes into preparing for the biggest week of their career.


Some models restrict their carb intake year round but many have learnt you don’t have to if you choose complex carbs like sweet potato and brown rice. They feed your body bounds of energy but should be cut back on before a big campaign or Fashion Week as they can cause you to retain water. Also, the energy from carbs is turned into sugar in your body when it goes unused which is then stored as fat, the last thing you want before the runway.


Protein is a great source of energy for your body, keeps you feeling fuller for longer, helps to kick-start your metabolism and is used by your body to build lean muscle when combined with the right exercises. Upping their protein intake allows models to give themselves the calories they need to continue their intense workouts without burning out and it avoids the bloating or water retention other energy sources are renowned for.


The key to surviving the week is to swap intensive gym sessions for things like weight training and Pilates that make your body work smarter, not harder. Rather than slogging it out for hours on end, models will typically combine shorter sessions or weights with HIIT and stints of low intensity cardio to encourage the growth of lean muscle and fat burn without taking things too far.


Sleep is our bodies way of regenerating and restoring. Everything from your muscles to your skin to your mind are made over with a good night’s sleep. Models understand the importance of a full eight hours to ensure their bodies are performing at their best, their skin is healthy and glowing and under eye bags are out of sight. Preparing for the craziest week of the year with a good few nights of sleep is also the best way to counteract a mental burnout halfway through Fashion Week.


In the days leading up to Fashion Week, it’s important for models to cut out intensive treatments completely and dial down the amount of active ingredients they’re using in their skincare routine. Your skin needs 28 days to complete a full cycle and see the best results from treatments like skin needling and chemical peels so there’s no point leaving it to the week before a show and risking signs of irritation. The same principal applies to active ingredients like glycolic acid and retinol. Instead, models opt for gentle products designed for sensitive skin and give their faces a break before a week of applying, removing and reapplying makeup.


Feature Image : Holly Burgess @ Alice McCall MBFWA