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Chloe Lloyd – @chloelloyd

Cover star and campaign it-girl, Chloe Lloyd is one of the most recognised faces across the globe, pinned down for her envied edgy style and subtle sophistication. The Cheshire-born chick has built a career in the modeling industry, with numerous vibrant achievements under her belt and the best is yet to come!

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Lloyd has a tale to tell in regards to how she entered the industry. Having been scouted as a teenager, the blond Brit repeatedly refused offers from agencies until age 19, when she marked her grand entrance with Storm Models. 5 years later, and now with Select Models as her Mother Agent, Chloe continues to be in constant demand across the globe, demonstrating that hard work and motivation are the keys to success.

I’d love to land another big beauty campaign and TV ad as beauty work is probably my favorite.

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Now being classed as one of the most iconic British supermodels, some of Lloyd’s stand out works consist of campaigns with Maybelline New York and Thomas Sabo, two Elle covers and so on. When asked to comment on her double bill of cover features, Lloyd was as humble as ever, claiming “I never dreamt I’d cover one let alone two”. Other recent business ventures consist of campaigns for high street brands like Quiz Clothing and Dorothy Perkins, alongside being the face of Spectrum Brushes and Wed2B.

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In regards to her career aspirations, Chloe names “another big beauty campaign” as one of her goals due to her passion for makeup, but “a British Vogue cover wouldn’t be too bad” either!

In addition to her rocketing career, Lloyd has established a blog ( which she showcases her fashion favourites and beauty go-to’s. She reveals to having created websites from a young age, but decided to return to her childhood hobby as her style has recently evolved and matured. Her outfit posts in particular attract an abundance of online eyes, and during our discussion, Chloe pinpoints “slip dresses with bulky winter boots” as her go-to summer combination- which she has recently exhibited on her site!

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Continuing on the thread of fashion, Chloe also mentions how she adores to shop in “random vintage shops” and unearth distinctive treasures you can’t find elsewhere! But even models need a little inspiration sometimes, and when asked about her style icons, Chloe states “I’ve loved Mary Kate and Ashley since I was a kid,” and shortly mentions Kate Moss as she “nails the rock and roll look.”

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As a lover of fashion, a devotion to beauty and skincare must entail! Chloe reveals to having a consistent skincare routine all year round, but declares how she’s recently enhanced her haircare routine by taking “hair supplements and sleep in hair masks”; she also swears by Easilocks extensions.

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But, setting aside the career talk, celebrations are in order as Miss Lloyd is soon to be Mrs Cuthbert! Chloes fiance, Josh Cuthbert, member of boyband Union J, proposed during a romantic getaway in Venice in November last year. ‘Chlosh’ met at an event in late 2014, shortly moved in together and have been devoted to one another since. Chloe describes their ready-to-wed relationship as feeling “more united”, but jokes that their engagement sometimes “makes me feel old!” The couple, soon after arriving back in London Town, held a large bash to mark the occasion, the bride-to-be describing the gathering as a “really fun” night.

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However, life as a model isn’t always so perfect as it may appear to be, and the blond blogger is rightfully vocal when it comes to the difficulties she and other models face within the industry. Chloe expresses her “frustration” surrounding the rise of social media, stating it’s unfair that “even more pressure has now been put on models” to build their online following in order to receive work. “If you don’t get a job, forget it ever existed and have total tunnel vision!” is Chloe’s advice to aspiring models. She also recommends to grow a thick skin and avoid taking rejection personally.

At the same time, social media is also an incredible way to control your own image.

unblock magazine cover chloeBut, Lloyd ensures to discuss the positives that stem from online activity. Chloe discusses how platforms such as Instagram enable models to showcase “your own personal pick of images” to clients and project your personality. Chloes Instagram (@chloelloyd) is a personal favourite of mine, as she not only promotes her current campaigns, but also provides an insight into her personal life- whether it be her most recent vacation, or a day out with Josh!

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Chloe also combats the stereotypes surrounding the profession, and explains how the majority of models opt support one another, and avoid rivaled competition within their line of work. “We all respect and compliment each other” is Lloyd’s response, “Girls supporting girls is cool”.

And there you have it- the lovely Miss Lloyd in a nutshell. Beauty with brains and bursting with talents; I look forward to seeing what else Chloe has in store, because I know it’ll be great.

I’d also like to thank Chloe for taking the time to answer my questions!

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And there you have it- the lovely Miss Lloyd in a nutshell. Beauty with brains and bursting with talents; I look forward to seeing what else Chloe has in store, because I know it’ll be great.

I’d also like to thank Chloe for taking the time to answer my questions!