By Calynn M. Lawrence

Many people feel that fashion is considered to be in its own separate category from other creative fields, some believe it does not suit the category of being an art. If anything though, art is the epitome of what fashion is..and here’s why!

Fashion holds a valid claim to status as an art. Beautiful couture gowns have such intricate design that they require a very imaginative mind. The idea of physically constructing a garment requires trained craftiness. That’s not even to mention that many designers incorporate a creative use of materials in their works. That’s not even to mention the fact that many times, fashion trends have correlated with trends circulating in visual arts.

Many people fail to view fashion as an art form because of its commercialism. The fact that many clothing lines are mass produced for the consumer market and made to seem superficial negates the authenticity in the eyes of some artists. However, that is not true! The perceived vanity associated with fashion can be found in visual arts as well. The same way that the name on a label or style of dress seems to dictate social status, conformity or rebellion, the same can be said about one’s choice of art work. Are there not many artists known for going against the societal norms with satire, striking images etc? Are there not visual artists who are known for their more trendy works that follow the times?

The same way that a fashionista might spend thousands of dollars on a one of a kind ensemble from a noted designer, an art collector could easily spend the same amount on a piece from a deceased artist that is seen as invaluable. Is the same “shallowness” not present in both situations? So, why is fashion considered any different? It shouldn’t be.

The common thread between the two is that both fields encourage expression. Visual artists may convey their message or thoughts through a canvas and a brush, whereas fashion designers might do so in a garment. Is it not the same in both situations? Although the medium might be different, they both have the ability to accomplish the same goal. Both utilize texture, color, style etc to portray an idea.

The fact of the matter is this: Although fashion may be executed differently than other types of art. It should indeed still be considered as an art.