By Michele Smith
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With a majority of the high profile events done for the year, winter is the best time to slip away from the runway and do something fun. While a majority of my model friends love the beach scene, especially when it gets cold and snowy in Manhattan, I like to gravitate toward the cold. Luckily enough for me, I have enough summer beach spots as I am paid to do on-location shoots. I truly am able to vacation somewhere I truly love. South shore Lake Tahoe is a great spot to take a healthy vacation in the winter months and enjoy fine dining at the same time. Oh, and you do not have to be a skier either.

Lake Tahoe is hands on fun during the summer. I personally enjoy hiking, biking and taking a swim in the lake or a boat excursion. Yes, this lake is a little cold, but always a great time. What I really enjoy however is skiing, especially when it is crisp and cold; especially in Tahoe. The views of the lake are absolutely spectacular at Heavenly to say the least.

I am not exactly a morning person by choice, but I try to arrive on the scene the second the slopes open. The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is one of my favorite places to stay. You can stay in and enjoy the pool/workout room, but you are also in walking distance of the Heavenly base line lift on the California side. Skiing with views of Lake Tahoe are stunning while you are getting a great work out in.

If you have never been to this massive ski resort dominating two states you are in for a treat, from fun outdoor activities to high-end dining. While of course, you pay premium price for any meal at ski resorts; if you go to a sit down restaurant, you can be sure to eat healthy.

When I hit the slopes, I avoid the horrible hamburgers at lunch and opt for a salad or a grilled chicken dish minus the carbs (zero bread and salad instead of fries). Yes, even when I am on vacation I do eat healthy. My favorite is actually Tahoe’s newest Booyah’s restaurant known for their burgers and brews; a California Stateline favorite.  I skip the beer and buns, but yummy food and great views are readily available.

There are one of two things I love doing after a day on the slopes. The BioSpirit Day Spa is a great way to download with an after skiing massage and they even have a eucalyptus steam room. I am not joking and this is a great way to refresh muscles, because if you do not ski daily you are certainly exercising muscles you do not normally use. Finally yet importantly, I splurge during dinner. If I am to be perfectly clear, I exercise all day and eaten healthy all day; as well as during dinner.

I always stick to high protein no carbs, but easily the 19th Kitchen on the 19th floor of Harvey’s is to die for. In addition, when I was there last we were served complimentary cotton candy for dessert. As a long story short, South Lake Tahoe is a great place to party, exercise, look at beautiful views and all of the in between.

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