By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Many believe it takes hours upon hours to look like a model. Depending on the type of photoshoot or project, this may be the case. There are however, simple health and beauty tips and tricks that anyone can take advantage of. The following healthy and beauty regimes are recommended by some of today’s top models (Inman, Carolyn Murphy and Arizona Muse, to name a few) and anyone can incorporate these simplest of tips in the most complex of daily beauty schedules.

Drink a lot of water

Every model on the planet will swear that H20 is their B.F.F. The benefits of water are countless, but from a model’s perspective, a key step in having your skin look great is by drinking a lot of water followed by a heavy application of moisturizer. Water also is great for preventing dehydration and headaches. The days of supermodels drinking champagne backstage during runway shows are gone. Models drink a lot of water (and, even add cucumber/lemon for flavor) which also improves organ function so they are performing at their tiptop shape.

Mix night cream with foundation

While this may sound like a very odd combination, the results are quite stunning. When you take a product like Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair and mix with any foundation, the results are a perfect sheer look. Not only is this a quick makeup tip, but it is one to guarantee a fresh, healthy looking face all day long.

Staying active

Every model has their own personalized exercise routine and most models are active on a regular basis, even when they are not strutting down the catwalk. The consensus is as follows: stay regularly active and achieve this by doing an activity you can commit to and enjoy. Another common recommendation is to keep your exercise routines in moderation. If you tend to over do something, you will burn yourself out and not want to continue your exercise regime. Model exercise favorites include Pilates, yoga and even tap dancing – to each their own.

Pay attention to the small things

Models unanimously agree that paying attention to the small things inevitable contributes to the overall big picture. For example, many women tend to neglect using mascara and heavily rely on liquid eyeliner only. Mascara defines and draws more attention to the eyes, by adding color and definition, as well as volume to the lashes. It is also universally important to pay attention to the eyebrows. Professionally shaped brows create a clean and even a dramatic look. If tweezing did not fall into your daily beauty routine, at the very least keep eyebrow gel on hand to keep the strays at bay. Finally yet importantly, always keep a quality lip balm on hand at home with a backup in your purse. Lip balm is a great way to keep your lips looking healthy and moist on the run; while creating a basic finished look.