By Jessica Frost

So it turns out that models don’t just rely on great genes and expensive skincare treatments to get that natural looking glow 24/7. There’s a few easy to follow tips your favourite models love to keep their skin in tip-top shape and battle the effects of multiple faces of makeup every day. The best thing is, their tips are actually super easy to try for yourself at home and won’t have you smashing open your piggy bank.

1. Two Is Better Than One

Double cleansing isn’t exactly a new phenomenon so I don’t know why everyone isn’t already doing it! The first cleanse removes every last trace of makeup and then the second is designed to actually clean your skin and really get into those pores. The theory works for shampoo as well. A single lather, rinse, repeat alone isn’t enough to work through all of that dry shampoo to make it to your scalp. A double dose helps models in getting that ‘run your finger through your hair’ look.

2. Put Down The Exfoliator

It can be outrageously tempting to exfoliate daily because who doesn’t love having super smooth and fresh feeling skin but it turns out the directions on your exfoliator are right and you really should only exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. Over exfoliating can strip important oils away and your skin begins to over compensate. It’s important to give your skin a breather from tough treatments so it can properly heal itself in between.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

A lot of girls think that thick and heavy moisturisers will clog their pores and cause breakouts but keeping your skin hydrated (both internally and externally) is the key to achieving model looking skin. Find the type of moisturiser that suits your skins needs and use it three times a day; once in the morning, once when you take your makeup off and then finally once more before you go to bed.