By Gabby Neal

When you’re a hair salon boasting over 62K followers in Sydney alone and your star studded line-up features the likes of Izi Simundic, Monika Clarke, Elle Morris and Dominique Elissa on a regular basis AND you end up sponsoring two separate shows at MBFWA17 – you know you’re on a pretty good thing.

Introducing Edwards & Co, the Sydney salon where all the models go.

Testament to model and regular at the salon, Elle Morris who boasts “Edwards & Co are amazing!” saying she “completely trusts all the hair dressers with [her] hair”.

And there’s no denying why – all the hair stylists, manicurists and make-up artist’s in the salon are industry recognised professionals. So it might just be that the stylist who’s working on your hair today, worked on Vogue yesterday.

model hairIzi Simundic
model hairMonika Clarke
model hairDominique Elissa

model hairElle Morris

Now, Edwards & Co didn’t start out to be a go-to for models, but its reputation proceeded itself, not only in service but experience too. And as a result, developed industry recognition (something which for a model who has their hair pulled and pronged on a regular basis, is highly regarded) and now hosts salons all across Australia; including Sydney, Melbourne and most recently Byron Bay.

Ok sure you’re probably thinking ‘oh no, but models always have the most amazing hair anyway’ wrong. When it comes down to it, most of the time it’s dry, brittle and masked by a thin coat of oil or cheap shampoo. But with the help of Edwards & Co, the models are able to rejuvenate their hair with nourishing treatments and quick trims to get them through.

That’s not to say it’s a salon only for models, rather it’s just become one synonymous with the industry. So for busy men and women, or those like you and me (the mere-mortals of the industry) where the luxury of actually getting to the hair dressers is more a rare then regular practise, you can be rest assured you’ll be treated to the full “model experience”.

model hair
Model hair

The full kit-and-caboodle: coffee, cut, colour and blow-dry…maybe even a champagne in their too. You’ll get to sit in a relaxing space, read the trash magazines and do your work in peace. Of course, with the obvious inclusion of a drool worthy head massage to fulfil the experience – something which I can safely say is of course amalgamated into the Edwards & Co practise.

Even the fit out of the headquarters (Surry Hilly, Sydney) is decked out in full effect. With their exposed brick walls, giant art hangings, white timber ceilings and large dining table to sit at – you’re more than happy to wait that extra 20minutes for the foils to come into their own.
model hair