This is an edit from the beautiful website, Model-Maison; a project of love and dedication that has seen the photographer, Cybele Malinowski shoot models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and Shanghai. Each week, we will be featuring a new model from Model-Maison.


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Model:  Yaya Deng

Photographer: Cybele Malinowski

Website: ModelMaison

Instagram: @cybism


Stylist : Nicole Adler

Make Up : Anna Milczarczyk

Retouch : Justin Malinowski

Published : Pages Digital 

Fashion Credits in order of appearance:

Adidas jacket, Emma Mulholland bodysuit // Romance Was Born skirt, Jeremy Scott for Adidas crop top, spring court shoes //  Jeremy Scott for Adidas dress, house of cards earrings //  Hayley Elisa jacket, sea folly top & shorts //  Camilla and Marc top, renee damiani earrings courtesy pieces of eight gallery //  Garth cook top, Jeremy Scott for Adidas pants, 2 by lyn and tony necklace, sol sana sandals //  Francis bodysuit, Emma Mulholland bumbag, House of Cards shoes, royal aquamarine sunglasses // Zoe Karssen jumper, Dion Lee skirt, Karen walker sunglasses, Nike shoes