I don’t think anything can compare to the time I spent in a model house. Sure, it seems like a lot of fun at first- but when the emotions and games start, it’s just shy of living in Hell. Let me explain what I mean…

When I first decided to share a house with other models, it was because I needed to. I was new to the city, and I didn’t quite have enough money to get my own place. My agent hooked me up with other models in a similar situation. Since I didn’t go to college, I figured it would be like living in a dorm… or better yet a sorority house.

It was nothing like that. The first moment I realized this was when I was getting ready for my first go-see. One of my roommates, Kish saw me with my model bag freshening up in the bathroom mirror. At first she didn’t say anything, but I could feel her watching me from the sofa.

“Where’re you going?” she asked with the sweetest voice as if to feign concern.

“I’ve got a meeting…” I tried to say casually while evening out my foundation.

Kish slowly walked towards the bathroom, with a slight twinkle in her eye. She wasn’t buying my story.

“Who’s the client?”

I didn’t blink as I answered back- I didn’t see the point of lying (I had to live with these girls, right?) and the last thing I needed her thinking is that I actually was nervous. I didn’t want to talk about my go-see and I didn’t want her in my business… but she stood there, obviously looking for something to amuse herself.

“I’ve never heard of them… are they a local client.”

“Not quite sure…” I replied as I turned to go back to my room.

Her perfectly manicured bare feet followed me. Why was this chick following me?

“You have to be careful with the local clients – they always want to do too much. One time I was standing out in the cold for three hours while the wardrobe person argued with the makeup artist about scarves. “

“It’s just a go-see …” I replied, not stopping to give her eye contact.

As I turned the corner to go back in the bathroom, the door shut. My other roommate, Sara, was turning on the shower, and she locked the door.

I could feel Kish giggling as I firmly turned the bathroom door handle.

“Doesn’t look like you are getting back in there- Sara takes long showers. What time is your ‘meeting’?”

Without turning to look at Kish, I rolled my eyes, grabbed my other mascara and walked out the door. My only hope was that I could land the contract so that I could move out of that house.