By an anonymous model

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February 11th 2006 –

* Day 2 of London fashion week castings.

* In car with Ben

* Rainy central london.

Ben & I have been bopping along to our driver Vic’s cool 80’s classics today which is cool cos it keeps us moving instead of sitting all day.

Ben is super cool, English & Funny. She certainly keeps me sane cos she’s totally down to earth and is always upbeat. it’s so good to hang out with someone like that cos people in this business are mentally messed up haha.

So I’m sitting in the car now with a sore hip cos I bumped into the stair’s hand rail on the casting this morning. Ben is in a casting for Nicole Fathi just round the corner ( Im so bummed I don’t have that casting cos a lady called Mida directs it & she books all the big shows.)

It’s rainy & gloomy but I’m happy.