With the ambitious goal of preventing suicide by encouraging Australian’s to start conversations that could make a difference R U OK? hosted for the first time the inaugural National Day of action back in 2009.

The mission is to encourage and empower all people to regularly and meaningfully ask “are you ok?” of anyone struggling with life.



R U OK? was founded by the late advertising executive, Gavin Larkin. Inspired by the suicide death of his father Barry, Gavin hoped to inspire people to pro-actively support one another through life’s darker times.



Since the inaugural R U OK? day in 2009, R U OK? has become a household name. In 2014 an estimated 66% of Australians were aware of R U OK? Day. With one in four of those people taking part.


As a suicide prevention charity R U OK? believes we can make a difference by being positive, inclusive and creative. R U OK? remains committed to collaborating with the many organisations tirelessly working to prevent an average 2,300 suicide deaths in Australia each year.

To help make real, lasting change in Australia, R U OK? is implementing a 3-year strategic plan to broaden R U OK?’s reach beyond a national day of action. Corporately funded initiatices such as R U OK? at Work, R U OK? at School and R U OK? a Field are providing a platform for promoting regular, meaningful conversations all year round.

R U OK? wants to change behaviour in Australia so that every single person takes the time to reach out to people in their lives.

In 2014, R U OK? travelled the length of Australia over five weeks in a big yellow conversation bus and visited 18 communities in regional and metropolitan areas in the Northern Territory, Queensland, NSW, Victoria, the ACT and South Australia. The tour was all about inspiring Australians to be even better mates by asking “are you ok?” more regularly.

So… R U OK?