You can always recognize a model. It’s not because of the high cheek bones, or the long legs. It’s not about straight teeth and shiny hair. Do you realize how much of that stuff can be bought, or imitated with creative wardrobe? No, being a model is something way more than that- it’s not a look- it’s an attitude.

See, models are sort of like divas except they don’t need to do crazy things to draw attention. They simply draw attention. When I walk in the room, you better believe people stop and look. It’s part of the job description.

So maybe that’s why the world is so quick to judge us; because we draw attention? It’s not like we’re trying to be fabulous. It just happens. For some of us, that attention is not always so flattering.

So the term ‘bad-girl model’ starts to float around. Let me explain something: models are not an over-dramatic reality show hoping for syndication. The bad stuff we do doesn’t involve stealing each other’s men or booby-trapping our girl pal’s makeup. That is so amateur.

Models are seen as bad girls because they have so much power, and some of us choose to use that power for our own interest. Why wouldn’t you voice your opinion if you had one? Oh, right, because if you are a supermodel like Naomi, you are supposed to be the world’s pile of clay that is molded to fit the designer’s wishes. ..

That’s on the runway, sweetie, not in life. Unfortunately, the more successful a model gets, the more she is expected to be compliant.

But models are canvases of beauty and fashion – not opinions. If they were canvases of opinion they’d be politicians, like the beauty queen- turned public official Sarah Palin. So, they should have their own opinion, just like any other free thinking person. Except, how could something so pretty be so mean?

That is the problem society is having. They are paying to see something soft, nice, and attractive, and bad girl models give them that, but turn around and do things they don’t necessarily like.

So you think I’m sexy, you want to see me in all of the things you desire, but you don’t want to know about my drug habit…

Then don’t ask.

I will give you my body, I will give you my smile… but the attitude- that thing you truly love- is all mine.