“Cool shit is positive disruption. It shakes things up. That can be on a personal level, a group level or even a community level. What are you doing or making, that’s making the world around you a better place? You can be making dinner for friends or inventing something. All of this pushes us in a direction of positivity.” Do Cool Shit – Miki Agrawal
A great read about doing things you love to create the world you live in. When we dedicate our life to following our passion, everything else will follow – purpose, creativity, finance, relationships. Build your own empire and the universe resides within you.


YS Productions & MoonHouse Media collaboration for Kaya Active featuring:
Parkour // Benji Toyer
Yoga // Yasmin Shima
Videographer: Rafa Meza
Producer: YS Productions
Location: Cockatoo Island
Activewear: Kaya Active