I’ll admit – I’ve cheated- but what girl hasn’t done it every once in a while. It’s completely unfair to believe that a model will stay faithful to an agent forever, that’s why they have contracts. You can’t expect someone to stay just because they should… I mean it’s a modeling business isn’t it?

Yet, I always feel a little bit guilty when I shop around for other agents. Yes I’m exclusive, and my agent takes care of me, but who’s to say another agent couldn’t do it better?

I actually have no allegiance to my agent. He scouted me one day and used every trick in the book to talk my parents into going along with it. We’ve had some moments along the way, the business coaching, a shoulder to cry on, the late night freak-outs and emergency facials. He has always been there.

But sometimes it feels like I’ve outgrown him. When I’m at my shoots, I see the other girl’s agents, and they seem so much more put together. It’s like I’ve got the hometown hero and they’ve got the big-dealing city agent. I watch as my agent talks casually with the other agents, and he seems so out of place. He’s like the boyfriend from high school that just doesn’t fit in at the college social.

I’m not saying my agent isn’t qualified. Not at all! I was at the shoot thanks to him. It’s just that I think I could do more with someone else. Someone more impressive; someone worth my caliber.

So I creep… just a little though because I couldn’t bear hurting his feelings. He has done so much for me, and I know that it would take me years to build that type of relationship with someone else. If he knew what I was doing, he probably wouldn’t be as willing to book me on the good jobs. I can’t risk that.

So I keep my other agent on the side. My backup guy that treats me good and doesn’t ask for any commitments. He knows I have another agent and he keeps it very discreet.. and besides, we just talk, so what’s the harm?

That doesn’t make me a bad girl, now does it?