An Interview with Julie Henderson by Max Papendieck

julie henderson content 1What was your big break into the industry?

My big break was my first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and lucky me – they booked me for 7 consecutive years!

Your best partner of crime on set? 

My partner in crime on set has definitely been Irina Shayk. We’ve known each other for a very long time and always have a giggle when we are together. On set and off, we saw 50 Shades Of Grey together when it came out, lots of laughs there too.

Favourite location you have ever shot at?

One of my favorite locations would have to be Tokyo. It is an amazing city and was in awe of the entire experience. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

What’s left on your travel bucket list ?

I would love to explore India.

Your #1 song to get your energy levels up, whether you are on set or about to workout? 

My song always changes but at the moment it would be “Break Free” by Arianna Grande.

Guilty Pleasure? 

Tabloid magazines.

Best thing about your hometown Texas?

The warm weather and the Rodeo.

Julie Henderson photographed by @maxmoments
Julie Henderson Photographed by @maxmoments
Julie Henderson Photographed by @Maxmoments

Tell us about your makeup line with AU NATURALE COSMETICS?

My makeup line with Au Naturale has become my little baby. I am very passionate about this line. It is the way forward in cosmetics. Au Naturale is all organic, vegan and gluten-free, and that’s just to name a few benefits. We produce amazing colors every season and cant wait to share what we have coming out soon.

Check it out here:

One piece of advice you wish you received when you were starting out in modelling?

I don’t know if there is something I wasn’t advised on already but I think the most important is to stay healthy and true to yourself.

Model: @juliephenderson,
Photographer: @maxmoments,
Stylist: @daphnalogy,
Hair: @dpucciarello,
Make Up: @makeupmark

Julie Henderson Photographed by @maxmoments
Julie Henderson Photographed by @maxmoments