Babe, heart-throb, hottie, jaw dropping – whatever, you name it. That is Jack, the latest Aussie male to make haste in the modeling industry. This carpenter turned model now has thousands and thousands of Instagram followers and is represented all over the world; Australia, Spain, Paris, Sweden, Denmark and Milan.

Instagram: @jacktyerman_
Agency: IMG 

So I’m guessing modeling wasn’t at the top of your list for “dream job” as a kid – how did you get into the industry? 

No not really, I’ve always wanted to be a carpenter and i’m hoping to finish my apprenticeship off once this road ends. I was actually scouted by an agent named Kirk Blake, in Crows Nest – Sydney.

Is it your only job? Or is it more something you just do on the side?

I have a bar job as well – which I live off week to week. Any money made from modelling is straight into savings!

What’s been your favourite shoot to date? Why?

Shooting in the French Alps would be my favourite shoot, just because the location was so beautiful and I got to drive a Yacht and an Aston Martin along a cliffside.

If you could pick any designer, any runway, any shoot – what would be your dream gig?

Shooting a campaign on a beautiful island somewhere unknown with a very creative photographer….

jack tyerman
jack tyerman

Now that you’re working in the industry, what do you think some of the misconceptions are of male models?

That they are all arrogant pretentious airheads, which don’t get me wrong, some definitely are, but not all of them. Also that it is the easiest job in the world when it really isn’t. Keeping in optimum shape and always having to look fresh is sometimes quite hard for a bloke in his early 20’s.

Have you ever faced any criticism from friends or family?

Not so much family and close friends, but there are always those people who will put you down or misconceive you as ‘arrogant’. People i may have went to school with but who I don’t see anymore.

What are some of the struggles you’ve faced?

In terms of modelling itself, being bigger framed in the shoulders. I used to play footy and was 92kg, so i’ve had to under eat slightly and run every day to shrink my body. A real struggle for someone who loves food!



Surely there has to be some pretty great perks for being a male model, tell me?

Oh there is, getting into clubs free and drinking alcohol for free is up there haha… And there’s also this app called INTO which allows you to get all this stuff for free at various venues around the world, ranging from food, cocktails and dental work. Some of the stuff is valued at $500… not bad.Jack Tyerman

Have you ever had to wear some weird and wonderful creations / Strange outfits?

I once wore this fishnet outfit with 8 inch high heels.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

Acting, if not back on the worksite building houses 🙂 

Your job is to pretty much look drop dead amazing, and you are – so how do you keep in shape?

I try run every morning on an empty stomach, and again in the afternoon. I also box 2-3 times a week with my boxing trainer (also a mate of mine). F45 is good too, anything that keeps my heart rate up.

Jack Tyerman
Jack Tyerman

What don’t you like about the modeling industry?

The amount of fake materialistic crap you have to put up with.

How has social media helped your career? / What are your thoughts on the social media impact of modeling.. ie. Instagram models?

Social Media I think has definitely helped my career. Our profiles on the IMG website list our Instagram account name – hence it (sometimes/a lot of the time) plays a pivotal role in booking jobs depending how “big” you are in the social media arena. People and companies often send you free stuff too!

And finally what does Jack do in his time off?

I train a lot and I LOVE cooking – It’s my new favourite thing to do. I find it really therapeutic. Every week i’m posting photo’s on Instagram of what i’m cooking. I love sport, i’m a massive rugby league fan and i play in a touch footy comp with some mates.
Also what every other guy in their 2o’s does – go to the pub, hang at the beach, listen to music, movies etc etc etc.

Jack Tyerman
Jack summer
Jack Tyerman