By Simi A Mira

Everybody has a bad hair day once in a while—hat hair, bedhead, impromptu spikes or tangles you forgot about. And then there are the bad hairstyles that last for weeks on end. Whether a bad breakup or drunken string of fashion ideas is to blame, these looks are truly a sight to behold. They’re inspiring… inspiring you to flee and never even think about imitating them. So in a way, we should be thanking these celebrities for steering us in the right direction. Too bad they had to crucify themselves to do so.


Something looks off with this one even at first glance. It has the appearance of limpness, even with a little bit of body! While straight hair isn’t always a bad thing (as a matter of fact, it seldom is), this hair just looks like you can’t do much if anything with it in the name of styling. The reason is probably that Gigi used a partial wig to make it look like she had a bob, pinning her longer hair out of sight behind it. This just goes to prove that rocking your own hair is pretty much always the better option.

SHIA LABEOUF – The Rat-tail BraidShia

Not trying to be heteronormative here—but some dudes just can’t pull off braids. Mostly it’s because they try to mix short hair with really long hair… like a mullet on steroids. That look really doesn’t work for 99.9% of people, even girls. Shia LeBeouf is no exception. If the braid is his real hair and not an extension, he does get a few brownie points for dedication. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to offset the… um… weirdness in this look. And unfortunately, weirdness isn’t always a good thing.

IGGY AZALEA – The Swedish Milkmaid BraidIGGY

Hi I’m Iggy—I’m from Sweden! (Not an actual quote—please don’t sue.) This hairstyle is pretty useless unless you’re wearing it as a conversation starter for how great the movie Trading Places is. But Iggy hasn’t released a single song about Trading Places, so she has no excuse. Iggy, what the hell?

NICKI MINAJ – White on BlackNicki

Platinum blonde hair with black roots? No thanks! Roots are dyed over for a reason. Now, if you can wear them without managing to look gross, congratulations—you’re a part of about .5% of the population who naturally look great with minimal fuss over their hair. But that’s usually when the roots are closer color-wise to the dyed hair below it. It’s virtually impossible for anybody to pull off looking good with black roots on the lightest possible blonde, and Nicky Minaj is no exception here. Please, spare us the awfulness.

JUSTIN BIEBER – Platinum What-ever-it-isJustin

Honey, you’re not Draco Malfoy. The best thing to say about this one is that his hair, at the very least, looks healthy and well-kempt, which is difficult to achieve after bleaching. Lack of breakage will surely count for something in the long run, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, platinum hair just doesn’t match his skin tone.