At this time of the year, we don’t see a great deal of the sun as the wet and windy weather is upon us. While autumn might bring with it less than ideal weather, it provides you with the perfect opportunity to try out some new styles and wardrobe combinations, which takes your mixing and matching to all-new levels. This article takes a look at some of the methods you can employ to ensure you look super suave throughout autumn and into winter. 

Classic knitwear 

Who doesn’t love the retro vibes of classic knitted designs as autumn gets underway? Not only does knitwear look good, but it’s also incredibly comfortable at the same time. Essentially, it provides you with an excellent option when you want to wrap up warm and look great as you head out into the colder nights. Knitwear comes in so many attractive styles and colours, so don’t be afraid to mix things up as you look to add to your wardrobe this autumn.

Oversized coats 

As the weather changes, you may well have decided that now is the right time to treat yourself to a stunning new coat. Oversized coats look particularly great and are on-trend, with fluffy teddy coats being super popular at this time of the year. They strike the perfect balance between style and comfort and leave you feeling warm and cosy on the inside and confident on the outside. Coats with neutral colours are great if you’re looking for something a little more formal, and those that are lightweight are perfect when the days aren’t quite as cool. 


The weather in autumn is often unpredictable, and a cursory glance out of the window in the morning is often all you have time for when it comes to predicting the conditions. In these situations, opting for a cosy roll-neck might just be the answer. Chic ribbed roll-necks look glamorous when paired with PU trousers and will have you turning heads this autumn for all the right reasons. Grey roll-necks can also provide a subtle foundation for your entire outfit, which again keeps you looking great and feeling cosy. 

Matching Colors 

Reflecting the golds and browns of the trees on your street this autumn, it’s time to transform your look with some fresh colors. Reds, light browns, and various pastel colors are just perfect for autumn and look great when paired up with a range of coats and jackets. Floral patterns work wonderfully at this time of year, too, and provide your outfit with a burst of colors and something a bit different. For a stunning autumnal look, there are so many colors and items within Chi Ch Londoni’s winter essentials collection for you to choose from.

To ensure you look stunning this autumn, don’t be afraid to mix things up as the seasons change and bring a whole new dimension to your wardrobe with some new colors, designs, and outfits.